The New Year Vlog - 2013 In A Nutshell

So, please ignore my awkwardness, odd angles at times, nervous expressions and actions, even more awkward English pronouncing and trembling speech, instead of minding those, try to get at least something out of this. I don't have any fancy editing program, so this is pretty simply cut and edited, shot with iPhone's front camera (lol). The song in the beginning and the end is the GazettE's DEVOURING ONE ANOTHER. If you have any questions or can't understand what I'm saying, be my guest and ask.



Christmas feels and little tinkerings

Yo lovelies, how were your Christmas days? I was supposed to write and post this already couple of days ago, but as usual, I'm late. Blame the train ride yesterday and Pulp Fiction which I decided to watch last night, ha.

So! Today (or more precisely tonight) I'm gonna talk about my Christmas week at my aunt's place, share few thoughts about our Christmas traditions and blabber a bit about my current art projects.

To begin with, since I spent last year's Christmas in Tampere with my mother, this year I decided to go to my aunt's place where my little brother, grandma and grandpa live as well whereas my mom went to Helsinki and spent her Christmas at our cousins. Still, despite the fact that neither of us were at home during the Christmas, as Christmas loving persons we wanted to decorate our Christmas tree.

 At least it was there for kitties as well as to welcome us back home. ♥

As mentioned, I'm a very Christmas loving person. Well, miss out all the stress and tidying! But otherwise I really love Christmas and Christmas traditions which our family has. 

   One of those traditions is going to the graveyard on the Christmas Eve and placing a candle on the grave of our passed relatives. When I was little, I got easily bored and restless at cemeteries and didn't really want to go at all *laugh*, but nowadays I wouldn't miss it as I find graveyards sort of calming, not to mention how beautiful the sight of thousands of candle lights is.

We place a candle for my grand-grandmother whose grave is in another town, every year as well.
Unfortunately since we didn't get a white Christmas this year, the cemetery looked a bit gloomy, but nonetheless (as a bit gloomy person myself) I enjoyed the sight and reading names of from old gravestones anyway.

Gloomy, but pretty graveyard.
For me, the Christmas Eve and the night coming after, are the most important Christmas days. Don't you remember the childhood days when you woke up early in the morning to watch all the cartoons, impatiently waiting for the whole day until you finally got to lay your little fingers on all the presents... I kind of miss that excitement, you know? Anyway, this year I sat at desk, drawing 'til it was time for the Christmas sauna, our another yearly Christmas tradition. 

After that, it was time for the Christmas banquet.

Atmospheric ♥
As a vegetarian, I usually eat carrot casserole and rosolli salad the most and those are actually my favourite Christmas dishes.

As a third tradition, after the banquet, we all gather in one room - it's time for the presents. 

I hadn't made any wishes nor asked for anything, but still I got a lot which I'm truly grateful for. ;--; I get pretty shy and confused every time someone gives me something as a present or asks me what I'd like to get... When you think about all those people who've only nothing, you really appreciate what you have and get. I enjoy giving and love the smiles of happy people unwrapping packets. A present is a present, no matter what you get. The most precious ones though, are those which from you can see the person has really thought about what you'd like, the thought, it's the most precious.

So fluffy and warm ♥
I really love the jumpsuit above! I admit I had been musing out how handy roomwear that would be, but I never thought I'd get one. It's mint green, fluffy and warm - great for someone like me who's always freezing and sleeps under three heavy blankets...

Lancôme x Albert Elbaz - Hypnôse Doll Eyes
This mascara is pretty damn cute. I think I've never owned such a brand mascara... Can't wait to get to try this out. ♥ 

Lately I've been having lots of problems with my skin. To explain, I have atopic skin that reacts to all my stressing and it was a real nice surprise to get some Lumene Arctic Aqua skin care products. In addition to those, I got a pack of socks, a box of chocolate and some money... And when I got back home, there was this beauty waiting for me:

I've always wanted a space book like this! I love the space, everything about it and love reading about it, as well as all the mysterious things to be found there... Photos of this book are absolutely amazing and I just really love this book. 

Now, to backtrack a bit, after the present moment, my aunt got an idea of all ideas and wanted me to take a photo of...

...our dog. Poor Hissu. But can't deny she was really cute. ♥

Rest of the Christmas Eve I drew, and for the whole Christmas night, I gamed with my little sister. Went to sleep at 8AM after many hours of Lotro. It was great.

This item description should be used as a pick up line...
On the Christmas day, my little sister joined us. ♥ On 26th on the other hand, it was my grandma's birthday and like always, she had baked a pretty cake:

I was literally fed with cake, cake, cake and some more cake! On 26th I also continued with my art project which some of you readers have probably seen already on Instagram, but that doesn't mean I couldn't show some pics and blabber here too. 

So, many many weeks before the Christmas, I met a fellow artist on Instagram (her art account is dfrohlic, go check folks, her art is amazing!) and we got an idea of a Christmas art trade as we both love each other's drawings. Unfortunately I couldn't start the drawing in time and so I'm late again (what a surprise) and thus am still working on it. When we first decided about the trade, we picked up few photos for each others to choose one to use as a reference. She ended up drawing Musiq 08 shoot's Aoi for me, whereas I chose a photo of Ruki with a mask (Shoxx from last June). Here's couple of photos of my progress thus far.

Linework of the mask done!
Start of shadowing...
I'll next time post about this work once it's ready. 

I got a request from anon for a vlog on my and thought I could perhaps make a "2013 in a nutshell" video on next week. I know, I've talked about making a vlog many times before, but maybe I'd now manage to get a grip. Thumbs up! 

To summarize this post, my Christmas was peaceful and heartwarming and full of little tinkering as well as pain in the butt (literally), eye and head. Ha!

And even though the Christmas time is over already, here's my favourite Christmas song:

That's all for now, see you again!


Back from the hiatus - let's get rollin'

Hello everyone! How're you? It's been a long while since I last time appeared here, right? Let's cut this short - I didn't really plan putting TMS on hiatus, it just happened. Mainly because I couldn't bring myself to write about my Tokyo adventures, but also because I needed some time on my own, away from all social medias to let few things settle down between people and myself.

Now, after approximately nine months since I disappeared from here, I feel more confident, I'm okay with myself. Not to mention how much I've improved in English and writing in general, which also (naturally) encouraged me to make a comeback here.

(c) Sarimelody 
So what did I do when I didn't feel like blogging? Well, you can fit tons of stuff into nine months, but in my case, first months I just wrote. Stories, to be precise and RPG's, loads of them. Honestly speaking, most of the time I lived a life of an actual hermit, watched movies and TV shows, played with cats, wrote, drew, wrote more. Once in a while I managed to go visit my bestie, but that's all really. When the summer was over, I step by step came back in social medias, as well as met people face-to-face. Old friends for that matter, but few new ones as well, mostly around September (at Tracon where I encountered someone special.. and the GazettE's concert in Helsinki.)

Oh and as you can see, I changed the layout. I wasn't happy with starting blogging again when the previous one was still in use, my hair colour has changed, you know. Besides, I think this one doesn't hurt eyes as much as the previous glittery one. What do you think about TMS's new look?

To not make this post super long, I'll just leave here few photos with brief descriptions.

Few outfits
Me and....                                                                             my beloved ♥
My classy Halloween 
And of course - kitties!
I guess that's all for now. I hope to see you soon again fellas!