Too LESS time

Ja silti leikin kameralla. En ehtinyt meikata paljoa eilen, joten aurinkolasit pysyi kasvoilla koko päivän hah. Tässä epic kuvakokoelma jonka sain aikaan koneen lagittaessa yesh. Liian vähän aikaa, liian paljon tehtävää.

And still I played with camera. I hadn't time to do make-up very well on yesterday, so sunglasses staeyd on the face whole day hah. Here's epic pic-collection which I did while the computer were stucking yesh. Too less time, too much to do.

I look kinda weird geez...
Ei nyt ole oikein ideaa postaukseen, eli lähinnä vaan kuvia tältä erää ew.

Well I don't have good idea for post so on this time just pics ew.

Badass. Would I be your devil on the bed? ♥
Couple of make-up stuffs.
Sometimes I smile like lil kawaii. Oh fuck how cute dot dot dot.
Mirror pic, how surprising
 Well well, It would be nice to hear what kind of posts you like to read, so comment! (Almost 50 readers, wanna little specialtext huh?)


"Look at me! It's your last chance"

Yo! Noiden haasteiden jälkeen on varmaan ihan hyvä kirjoittaa muutakin ne? (Paitsi että ilmoittakaa jos kirjoitan liian usein..) Tosin, minunhan blogini tämä on, kirjoitan milloin haluan, mistä haluan, miten haluan jne.

Yo! After those challenges, I think It would be good to write something else ne? (But tell if I write too often..) But well, this is my blog, so I write whenever I want, whatever I want, in any case I want etc.

Eilinen oli jotenkin todella normaali. Kävin kirpputorilta etsimässä materiaaleja cosplaypukuun (nahkatakin ja laukun, josta pilkon nahat hahaa) Nahka kun on aika kallista kangaskaupoissa.. Illan suunnitelmat meni vähän pieleen, mutta otin sen aika lunkisti. Netti ei meinannut toimia, se lähinnä ärsytti :'D loppuillan katselin L-koodia, ostin 1. tuottiksen boxin perjantaina kun sai kerran kympillä!

Yesterday was quite a ver normal. I seeked materials for cosplay-costume  from flea market (leatherjacket and -bag, I'll take leathers from them hahaa) 'Cause leather is quite expensive in fabric store.. Evenings plans failed a little, but I dealed with it quite easily. Internet didn't work first, that irritated :'D Well, rest eve I watched L word, I bought the first seasons box on Friday, 'cause It costed only ten euros formerly!

Perjantaina olin siis kaupungilla omaohjaajani kanssa. Käytiin Tang Capitalissa syömässä (kiinalais-japanilainen ravintola!) Söin sushia pitkästä aikaa. Sain pehmeät farkut ja aivan loistavan paidan (siinä on teksti "Look at me! It's your last chance" omaohjaajani sanoi sen olevan kuin mulle luotu haha. Hei, pitääkö se mua turhamaisena? Yritän olla itsevarma, mutten halua olla itserakas tai kusipää.. geez), molemmat MicMacin, Jim&Jill:istä. Niin ja uuden koululaukun, vanha alkaa vähän hajota. Voisin tosin antaa sen punkkariystävälleni, jota näin omaohjaajani lähdettyä. Pitkästä aikaa oli jotenkin todella rento ja hyvä fiilis. Sekoiltiin Henkan (Sini) kanssa niiden bändin, HäiriöÄänen treenikämpillä. Sain sen kuuntelemaan the GazettEa! Olen aika ylpeä itsestäni hah!

So on Friday I were at city with my own caretaker. We ate in Tang Capital (chinese-japanese restaurant!) I ate sushi for a long time. I got soft jeans and absolutely brilliant shirt (It has "Look at me! It's your last chance" -text so my caretaker said that It's like created for me haha. Hey, did she think that I'm vain? Well, I'm trying to be confident, but I don't wanna be selfish or asshole.. geez), both of them MicMac from Jim&Jill. Oh and new schoolbag, the old started scattering. Though, I could give it to my punk friend, who I met after my caretaker had left. For a long time I felt relaxed and well for real. We bumbled around with Henkka (Sini) at their bands, HäiriöÄänis training place. I stucked her to listen the GazettE! I'm quite proud about myself hah!

Tässä muutamia kuvia perjantailta ja lauantailta. Asukokonaisuudet yms. (Olin lauantaina aika laiska, meikkasin vain viidessä minuutissa ja vedin aurinkolasit + pipon päähän. Perjantaina taas kävin passikuvassa.)

So heres some pics about friday and saturday. Outfits etc. (I were kinda lazy on Saturday, so I just made-up in five minutes and put sunglasses + cap to head. And on Friday I went to passport photograph.)  

One weird pic of me. My caretaker took it while we were waiting food.

My dinner, vegetarian sushi!

And of course my caretaker wanted me to eat some desert too.. But It was delicious!

Saturdays outfit, I took photo in flea market hah! There were so nice mirror and nobody couldn't take a pic, so I took - with mirror geez.

WERY EPIC PIC! Henkka took it on Friday, I look sooo crazy oh my..

It's my final work that I'm doing at artschool. the GazettE painting, size 100cmx80cm, sweet~
And here's way to use old posters, shellpaper for my make-up tables base.

I didn't find fridays outfitpic, but well, It was such a bad one, so maybe It's good thing I didn't find it? Well more in next time!

P.S: I'm in normal weight now!


Question challenge!

Another challenge! Thanks for Hajamiel ♥  Oh I like to answer questions, my quirks hahah. I'm still too lazy to write in finnish, so I write again only in english.

"The idea of the challenge is that I answer her 11 questions, then make 11 questions of my own and direct them at 11 new people."

1.Your favorite album? (I'm listening music right now, so..)
Oh har one, but I choose the GazettE's TOXIC

2.Your goal for year 2012?
staying in normal weight, more positively and healthy life and I wan't to do more things I like! Like sewing and drawing
3.If you could meet someone you might not meet otherwise, who would that be?
Le' me think... I don't know really, maybe one of my friends I don't see often or then my dad.

4.Your favorite food? (I'm hungry, what can I say.)
Difficult to say! But example tofu-ramen.

5.Music, books, games, dancing...fencing? Or something else? (Pick just one and explain!)
Again kinda difficult, but something else, so art, 'cause it and the GazettE are for me, the most important things in the world. I love drawing and painting.

6.Who do you look up to? (As a person, or as in personal style, as you wish.)
Hmm I don't get question perfectly, are you meaning, who's my idol or what I adore? Well, my idols are the GazettE's Aoi and Ruki and I love visual kei-, and glamrock-styles.

7.Your...favorite smell? (Umm.. I like perfume bottles?)
Well, maybe Avril Lavignes Forbidden rose ~

8.A candle, a fireplace, a sauna, a campfire, a house, which one would you like to see to burn?
Hou-- candles.

9.If you found yourself in a middle of a forest, what would you do?
Just walk, maybe I'll someday find road to some city?

10.Ever helped an old person across a street?
Of course!

11.A question you wouldn't want to answer to?
About those or about all questions in the world? It was nice to answer to these questions. I wouldn't answer to question about sexuality.. It's my own business.

And then, 11 new questions to 11 new bloggers.
1. Three things you would never do?
2. Your favorite website?
3. What kind of persons you don't like?
4. Your favorite song at this moment?
5. What are your favorite goods?
6. How much time you usually use to make-up?
7. How many hours you sleep in night?
8. What do you think about love?
9. Where would you want to live?
10. What's your favorite place in the world?
11. What kind of funeral you want people to make for you when you're dead? (don't ask ...)

And eleven persons hmm


Five things

Kerro mitkä viisi asiaa ostaisit, jos sinulla olisi kaikki maailman rahat. Tämän jälkeen haasta viisi muuta bloggaajaa. (Sain haasteen Petulta ou mai)

List five things which you would buy if you had all of worlds money. After that, challenge five other bloggers. (I got challenge from Petu, oh my)

'Cause I'm kinda materialist :D

1. I'll buy every stuffs I find about the GazettE!
2. And every fabrics I want to.
3. Cosmetics! 
4. Every clothes I like haha.
5. And sooo many electronic things, camera, mobil, laptop, Nintendo DS...

Well, quite short post and almost only in english, 'cause I'm busy and lazy hahah.

I give this to:
Sorry sweeties


Aoi Pledge inspired look - hair&make-up stuffs

Kokeilin tiistaina Aoin pledge-lookista inspiroituneena meikkiä ja hiuksia - vähän omiani visioiden. Tykkäsin kyllä lopputuloksesta! Harmittaa kun tämä ei suostu lataamaan sitä v-logia koneelle. Se on kyllä huonosta kuvakulmasta ja todella kämäinen, mut siinä on mun tunteita, yritän sen siis joka tapauksessa lisätä jossain vaiheessa jos vaikka toi kamera suostuis yhteistyöhön >__>

On Tuesday I tested make-up and hair inspirated by Aoi pledge-look - lil bit in my own style. I liked that issue! I'm irritated cuz this doesn't like to load that v-log to computer. Well, It's from such a bad view  angle and very poor, but there're my feeling in it so I try to add It someday anyway, if that camera would agree cooperation >__>

Koska en saanut sitä videota laitettua, tein jonkin tutoriaalin kaltaisen vaihekokoelman tuosta pledgestä ideoidusta lookista, en kyllä sano mitään laadusta eheh. Muutin vielä vähän blogin ulkoasua, koska tuo taustavalkoinen häiritsi mua ihan hirveästi. Perfektionisti? Kyllä.

Cause I couldn't add that video, I made some kind of 'tutorial' or facetcollection about that pledge-inpirated look. Well, I don't say anything about guality ehem. I still changed blogs layot lil bit, cuz that backroundwhite bothered me really. Perfectionist? Hell yes.


Wirst I made hair only little, then did make-up and continued hairmaking. So here's some epic photos about my hairdoing


And this were final result:

What do you like? (and sorry about bad quality, I have to buy new camera... and this was my first "tutorial" )