Five things

Kerro mitkä viisi asiaa ostaisit, jos sinulla olisi kaikki maailman rahat. Tämän jälkeen haasta viisi muuta bloggaajaa. (Sain haasteen Petulta ou mai)

List five things which you would buy if you had all of worlds money. After that, challenge five other bloggers. (I got challenge from Petu, oh my)

'Cause I'm kinda materialist :D

1. I'll buy every stuffs I find about the GazettE!
2. And every fabrics I want to.
3. Cosmetics! 
4. Every clothes I like haha.
5. And sooo many electronic things, camera, mobil, laptop, Nintendo DS...

Well, quite short post and almost only in english, 'cause I'm busy and lazy hahah.

I give this to:
Sorry sweeties

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  1. Mheh, since you started with the challenges, you can continue with the 11. Questions Challenge I threw at you at my blog ;).

  2. ARRG HONEY! :( haastoit sitte. perkule.


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