Question challenge!

Another challenge! Thanks for Hajamiel ♥  Oh I like to answer questions, my quirks hahah. I'm still too lazy to write in finnish, so I write again only in english.

"The idea of the challenge is that I answer her 11 questions, then make 11 questions of my own and direct them at 11 new people."

1.Your favorite album? (I'm listening music right now, so..)
Oh har one, but I choose the GazettE's TOXIC

2.Your goal for year 2012?
staying in normal weight, more positively and healthy life and I wan't to do more things I like! Like sewing and drawing
3.If you could meet someone you might not meet otherwise, who would that be?
Le' me think... I don't know really, maybe one of my friends I don't see often or then my dad.

4.Your favorite food? (I'm hungry, what can I say.)
Difficult to say! But example tofu-ramen.

5.Music, books, games, dancing...fencing? Or something else? (Pick just one and explain!)
Again kinda difficult, but something else, so art, 'cause it and the GazettE are for me, the most important things in the world. I love drawing and painting.

6.Who do you look up to? (As a person, or as in personal style, as you wish.)
Hmm I don't get question perfectly, are you meaning, who's my idol or what I adore? Well, my idols are the GazettE's Aoi and Ruki and I love visual kei-, and glamrock-styles.

7.Your...favorite smell? (Umm.. I like perfume bottles?)
Well, maybe Avril Lavignes Forbidden rose ~

8.A candle, a fireplace, a sauna, a campfire, a house, which one would you like to see to burn?
Hou-- candles.

9.If you found yourself in a middle of a forest, what would you do?
Just walk, maybe I'll someday find road to some city?

10.Ever helped an old person across a street?
Of course!

11.A question you wouldn't want to answer to?
About those or about all questions in the world? It was nice to answer to these questions. I wouldn't answer to question about sexuality.. It's my own business.

And then, 11 new questions to 11 new bloggers.
1. Three things you would never do?
2. Your favorite website?
3. What kind of persons you don't like?
4. Your favorite song at this moment?
5. What are your favorite goods?
6. How much time you usually use to make-up?
7. How many hours you sleep in night?
8. What do you think about love?
9. Where would you want to live?
10. What's your favorite place in the world?
11. What kind of funeral you want people to make for you when you're dead? (don't ask ...)

And eleven persons hmm

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  1. Haha, that was fun ^^.
    I was thinking if anyone would in fact dare to burn a house. So far none xD.

    1. I would like to burn that youngshouse where I have to live ♥ joke joke, only candles and maybe papers, letters, right XD


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