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Morning sweeties ~

So I said, I'm planning to go the GazettE's Heresy tour HETERODOXY's Yokohama BLITZ lives. It's fifty/sixty situation now, I have to do lots of things before that.

My salary is coming late. It makes me angry... Stupid office geez.

Again just short, little update >___> I'm going to do my new design/styling project with one jacket ~ I took some pics on yesterday though I had little bit bad hairday. Also took outfitpic.

Leatherettetrousers: Own made, designed these year ago. Birmings Sho's Shirt; from NUDY BOY. jacket: from Second hand-shop, I have edited it. Belt and chains: I don't remember... Necklace: from YELLOW HOUSE. Collar: from NITROBABE

Oh god, on today is the 'home-evening' in youngshouse. It means, I'm going to play guitar in cellar and be stucked at computer... Nolife me. Okay, maybe I'll do some artwork too.

bad hair day eww

Next time I'll tell something about my design-, cosplay- and artprojects. The journal which I'm working with just published part two of my Aoi-cosplayseries I'm doing.

60 followers already! >u< sankyoo! ♥
I'm still asking, what kind of special post would you like? Just comment please!

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  1. .. oikeesti, tahdon noi sun vaatteet ♥

    Ja ei, eipä ole erikoisempia ideoita postauksiin, odottelein vaan noita sun postauksia cosplayjutuistas :---D

    Ja sori erittäin lyhyestä ja .. eh, sisällöttömästä kommentista.

  2. ohh, you look really awesome! I love your hair and outfit~
    btw, thx for following my blog, it's really nice of you! I like your blog too~ *following*

    1. Ohh! Thanks a lot ;--; ♥ and my pleasure ~ ohh thanks of that too!


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