On Friday we checked Shinjukus Tokyo metropolitan government building and some stores with my grandaunt. Day was very rainy so taking pictures on floor 45th were quite difficult, but I got still some photos and I like them. I felt myself very little (though while seeing Tokyo Dome and whole Tokyo from Sunshine60, I felt even more little.) My grandaunt wanted to go shopping, It was kinda scary to walk through stores like Burberry or Hugo Boss.. Every sellers smiled to me and I was feeling like that I'm at wrong place haha. Well after 'shoptour' we went to eat. God, that restaurant were 'elegant'. Well grandaunt had different opinion. Being there were such a cool.

Tokyo city from TMG building
rainy Shinjuku
On evening we went to karaoke with Min and Ida. Ok, first we waited Min in TSUTAYA's Starbucks and then met Ida and her father. Finding songs in karaokeplace were had - we wanted to sing j-rock songs of course! Finally I found the GazettE, but It had to write "Kasetuto", gosh I laughed to that name :D I sung Miseinen and Cassis with Min, It was fun.

 And then came saturday.

I were in Makuhari messe sometimes at 14PM. Min didn't anwer to any messages or calls so I were only with Sinikka. Suddenly my best friend Niina ran somewhere and we hugged for a long time. It was so nice to see her on that day ♥ I stood 2h and 30min at goods-queue, but I don't complain. I got lots of BLACKMORAL-goods ah. I'm so materialist hahaha.

Show started little late, after 17PM anyway, maybe 20minutes late? There were photos from year 2002 to 2012 about every bandmember while they came to stage, It was awesome ;---; ♥ The First song was Miseinen and I cryed already! Anyway.. Seeing and hearing Wakaremichi, Kare uta, Shunsetsu no koro, Miseinen, Cassis and all those adorable songs - the best in my life. That feeling when I saw Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Reita and Kai, all of them and there was only 10-20 meters from me to that 'stageroad' they were walking.

 For first I were at B-block, but I fainted for a minute and couple of attendants took me out of B-block, I didn't wan't to go out of hall so I mumbled something like 'back to raibu' and they let me to A-block, more space, less distance to the GazettE. I cryied so many times. the GazettE, my whole spirit and life. どうもありがとう ございます ;;----;; ♥

Every gazegoods I have bought from Japan and THE DECADE. 8 cd’s, 6 shirts (four of them were in lucky bag and one is on me haha) pamphlet and three pamphlets from lucky bag, black moral shop bags, make-up bag, Abyss&Lucy towel from lb (I lost DECADE towel in concert hall ;;__________;; someone took it..) Rock&Read. hand warmers. I love.


Makuhari messe

Makuhari messe

 The part 3 will be the last haha! So much telling and too less time and space.

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