This is last part! So.

On Sunday I slept too late, but It wasn't my fault! Sinikka wanted me to sleep more than couple of hours. Yeah I were awake that night after THE DECADE. I was so stressed, 'cause Min had waited for me some hours. Well, at last at 15PM we wen't to Ueno's station. Someone stole my pasmo-card! I was so screwed and Min needed to wait again. Later we met Min finally and wen't to eat. Geeeeee that food were soooo f*ckin awful! Everything was cold and not tasty yhhh.Total yuck.

After 'meal' we went to Akihabara. Gotta love that place! So many places for photographing (・ω・)/
We also visited in maid cafe! Aww that was so cute ;---; and desserts we ordered were so cute too! Well pics tell more than words:

;;---;; とてもかわいい です!!

Soo cute!
After being in Akihabara, we decided to go seeing Tokyo Dome. Gosh that place were awesome! It was kinda confusing think that the GazettE have been there. I felt sad 'cause I couldn't go in NLSB final.. But waiting for next raibus! ;w; I want to go HETERODOXY's lives so badly.. We took many photos in front of Tokyo Dome haha! After visiting in Tokyo Dome city, we wen't back to Akihabara and ate crepes yum! Min came to our hotel for night.

Tokyo Dome
In the morning, Sinikka went somewhere, me and Jonna to Ikebukuro, Hibari-gaoka (hope i remember that name right..) and then back to Ikebukuro station. We met Sinikka and went to Sunshine60's building.

Our breakfast. Caramel Frappucino and Vanilla Frappucino (*´ω`*)

Being there and seeing whole Tokyo made me really cry. I just felt how wonderful that city is. the GazettE's pledge started playing from Min's phone. I felt I don't want never leave this city. But on next day I had to. Well later we were in Shibuya with Min, looking for clothes to her. I bought MASSIVE about THE DECADE from Tsutaya and we sat at Starbucks taking pics - again.

Lag Lygo @ Tsutaya
Then I had to go back to hotel. On Tuesday to Narita airport. Flight back to Finland were at 12:20. We met Ida and her father once more at airport. After take off, I fell asleep.

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  1. tulee nälkä ku lukee näit sun merkintöi ;__; ja näyttää et sulla on ollu kviaa ja noi starbucksit ♥

    1. voi ei tuu niin laitan ruokaa ;--; ja joo oli, haluun takas ja starbucks on pure love ♥


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