I'll write only in english, though I might make mistakes, but well, c'est la vie!

On Monday 5th March I went to Helsinki and spent night at my grandaunts home. I slept maybe five hours after packing. On Tuesday at 2PM we ordered taxi to Helsinki-Vantaas airport. Check-ins were fastly over. My bag weight were only 6,6kg (after trip the weight was 19,5kg!)

Flight began at 17:20 and I were very nervous! It was my first time in plane but after all I liked it haha! I slept couple of hours during the flight and watched maybe the most shitty movie ever! Six pack movie, it was soooooooo boring. I drunk sencha-tea a lot >u<

At 10AM were landing to Naritas airport. In foreigners passport check I saw some j-rock fans and asked are they going THE DECADE too. Well one of them answered yes. Eww It was so embarrassing! I'm so bad with social actions... Anyway at 12PM we took Skyliner train to Keisei-Ueno.

Finding hotel were veeery hard! After being such a lost, I found taxi. Sinikka tryed to speak english but driver didn't understand. So I had to communicate in japanese, thanks god It went well and finally we were in our hotels Weekly Mansion Higashi-Uenos room.

Our hotel room
Ueno street near by our hotel
Ueno street near by our hotel
Soon we went to Shibuyas Ebisu 'cause I wanted to see Min. She was going to Alice Nines FC-live. For first we didn't find Liquid room, but following little kawaiis and good looking persons helped ahaha so we met Min at Liquid room and then wen't to eat and after meal checked little bit Harajuku. We were in STARBUCKs (my new love!) for a while and then got back to hotel.

On next day we decided to go back to Harajuku and Shibuya! Again with Min and again it was hard to find each other. Well before being with Min we found Takeshita street. That place were my heaven! I saw so many awesome shops and bought some cool and lovely clothes and Ruki-style necklace from YELLOW HOUSE. That shop were one of my favorites there! JIM SINN's clothes were absolutelu corgeous too and talking with seller-girls was fun. She said I'm awesome and have nice hair ;---; aww it was so nice.

Takeshita streets entrance

Takeshita street
Later, after some little problems with finding Min, we went to TOWER RECORDS ;u; holy shit that place is awesome, I bought four the GazettE's singles and two mini-albums ♥ we checked Shibuya109 but it wasn't really my place, I only followed Min looking very nervous XD We also tryied Purikura but failed it err so next time in better way! I'll add purikurapics later, when I had scan them. 

Min took this pic! Jacket: YELLOW HOUSE, Shirt: NUDY BOY, trousers: JIM SINN
Ruki style necklace I bought from YELLOW HOUSE
Shirt from NUDY BOY
Shirt from ACDC RAG
Shirt from NUDY BOY
Shibuya streets
I'll write part two as soon as possible and tell little about the GazettE's live and last Tokyo-trips days!

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  1. Japani näyttää niin ihanalta.
    Noi vaatteetkin on niin upeita. Toistelen itseäni, oon sulle kade. Mutta sä oot kyllä ansainnu ton matkan ihan täysin. (: ♥


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