After all - new address

For first I want to ask, should I change my blogs logo in pics little? I think it's looking 'too much' now. Maybe I could make it smaller? After all, I still decided to change address, so now It's It's more easy sign photos when there's same name and address. What do you think about this? By the way, THE MAD SELECT has almost seventy readers, so I'm asking again. Do you want some kind of specialtext? Like: my inspirations, v-log, tutorial or something like that. Just leave a comment and tell sweeties!

Anyway, I havent posted for some days. I've been too lazy and uninspirated (laughs). I have met some friends at school, nothing much. In fact, I've been working with my cosplays and designs almost every day. Less than two weeks time to get them ready, but I'm not worried, I'm sure, I got them ready just in time. So concerning to post I made earlier, here's jewelry for my Aoi-cosplays. It's needing only silverspray.

Now there's new sign I tested
I'm also making bracelet and rings, but I don't have pic about them. What do you like?

I'm usually such a casual looking at school. Well, my clothes are, but I still do my hair and make-up - If I'm not feeling very lazy. Some mornings (like today) I'm first going to gym, so I just straighten my hair and make only basic make-up or just wear sunglasses and beanie... Some pics:

Sixth gun jacket, BLACKMORAL shirt from THE DECADE, jeans from Nilla
DARKMATTER shirt, BLACKMORAL, jacket own customed. I just happened love that shirt I'm wearing on right.

I'll post pics about my cosplayworks on next time. Now little picspam for end. (Psst. I got my NLSB limited finally on last weekend, It has subtitles in backstage document too, oh I'm happy! As u can see in my hah!)

I love cappucino ♥ (but I want starbucks really badly argh)

See ya ♥  



I'm working with this!

I still have to do so many things with this. Final result will be surprise haha!
Only short update now, I'll tell more later!


Eleven 十一

I got tagged from Yuku. So thank you darlin'

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag


 # 11 things about me:

Don't ask! I got my braces away two weeks ago and took pic while brushing my teeth. Cute pink brush is it?.
1. I love drawing. Especially doing portraits. 
2. I like to make new friends, but sometimes It's too hard and I feel like an Idiot.
3. the GazettE and art are my whole life, for real. (but I think you knew that already)
4. I have been 1 year and almost 5 months in youngshouse.
5. Many people have said that I'm very strong person... (not physically hahaha)
6. I hate selfish people, I used to help everybody who needs help. I won't let my friends to troubles.
7. But with some things I'm selfish by myself (hah) then when I really need to or want to do or have something, I don't really think other people.. But I don't want to hurt anyone, sometimes I still do it with my words, but not 'cause I want.
8. I'm lesbian.
9. I don't watch TV much.
10. I'm sometimes very confused by praises which people say about me.
11. I like swinging with my lil sis ♥


1 Did you ever been tagged before? By who? Do you like that game? 

Couple times if I remember right klick and klick  It's nice sometimes.  
2 Why and when did you start blogging?

Oh well I had my first blog some years ago... But this one I started in Dec 2011, It's name was for first Tiramisu, but I changed It to 'De la Lygo' also changed address but I didn't like that name either, It sounded stupid :'D so I changed it to 'THE MAD SELECT' because I really like that name, don't mind me about that It's fairly straight from THE DECADE shirt, but It's nice, so I use it. I blog 'cause I like blogging, It's nice and I'm happy about that people want to read about my life.

These two are old headers I have had, also old names.
  3 Do you believe in horoscopes?

It depends, but kinda often, yes ´u` I'm libra.
4 Do you have a favorite TV show? Which one?

the L word, Bones and Supernatural. Not any other series. 

5 Are you childish? If Yes, how does that become obvious?

Well I don't know... Maybe sometimes If I'm joking or something. I don't know, tell me!
6 Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? Show it!

I have many! But I can show couple of them ~ 

Especially these (BM-shirts ♥)

 7 What's the name of your cell phone? 
(yep, I name important things like cell phones and music players...)

I just call It FAGGOT... but my hairstraightener is Charlotte and Sewing machine Sanna-Maria, don't even ask...
8 Where/what is the most amazing place you've ever been to?

Tokyo ♥

As u can see, the sign I used earlier 'cause I haven't any photoediting program, only picnik in web.
9 Pokémon or Digimon? 


10 What was your favorite game when you were a child?

Which kind of game? Hmmm about board games It was 'Secret Labyrinth' but If someone asks about PS-games, It's 'Spyro a Heros Tale' 
11 Finish that sentence: "If I meet you[Yuku] I would..."

Hug you! You're too cute

My questions:
1. What's the place you feel completely safe?
2 What your favorite style icon?
3. Tell about yur favorite band/bands?
4. What's your the biggest dream?
5. What kind of family you have?
6. Tell about house where you would want to live in future?
7. What's the most horrible nightmare you have ever seen?
8. Do u have any bad habits?
9. What's you favorite dessert?
10. What's your favorite blog?
11. What would you like to say to you when you were five years old?

 To these people:
Ane Sháto



I got my sixth gun - jacket ready ♥
It was some ugly leatherettecoat but there's only fabric from that coat, everything other have changed haha. What do you like?



Ooi! Now I'm going to write about my lovely weekend <´w`> (little late ehh) I were @ Tampere city and saw some friends for a long time. Also used some money (ups) 'cause of Hairlekiini and TIGI ahahah.

On Friday I met Rogu and Julius on railway station. Mom had to wait for me, but finally we were home and got some food. I havent eaten much, only drank Starbucks. I found Caramel macchiato from Lappeenrantas station coffee *w*. I miss Tokyo and Starbuck-cafes so badly.

fridays outfit. Jeans: NILLA, Shirt: BLACKMORAL, Cardigan: FOREVER21, necklace: YELLOW HOUSE
Bored in train? Not really ahaha
On Saturday I were with my best friend Nina. First I went to her home. So nice place! We had fight with shoes I was wearing, but after that 'problem', we talked about DECADE and cosplays we're doing.

Don't even ask about this, total had to XD
Then we noticed that we have wrong fabric. Result? We went to EUROKANGAS and bought new fabric, oh perfectionism ♥

Usually people like to go to clothesstores or something with their friends. Nina and me like to go to fabricstore. Also took friendphoto there hah! After fabricshopping, I wanted to visit in Hairlekiini. I bought awesome hairconditioner and also wax ♥

♥ that purple bottle I have had earlier, Tigi bedhead Foxy curls. New items, Osis+ wax, Tigi bedhead masterpiece hairspray and  same labels hairconditioner, pure love ♥
We had so much fun with Nina. I miss her ;w; ♥
On evening, Janika, aka Nyamo came for night. We watched nameless liberty six guns live dvds extras etc. and ate ice cream! Yum. Uhh why I'm always talking about sweets or something?

I'm going to be in Tampere next time on May. And I just heard something, which makes me really happy. I'll move to Tampere, finally. My days in youngshouse are barely over! But because of that, I have to skip HETERODOXY lives. I'm pissed of about that. Well, I'll go to Groan of Diplosomia finals/final then ~ (My GFC so also HERESY-accounts came to my e-mail ♥)

Some outfits.
So saturdays (31.3) outfit. Jacket: YELLOW HOUSE, T-Shirt: BLACKMORAL, jeans: NILLA. Cardigan under the jacket: FOREVER21

Outfit from last monday. Cardigan: Spiritstore, T-Shirt: BLACKMORAL, jeans: NILLA
I don't know anything more to explain... But one thing! I'm going to make v-log. IN ENGLISH. Not for next but in this month. Hope you don't kill me then...