After all - new address

For first I want to ask, should I change my blogs logo in pics little? I think it's looking 'too much' now. Maybe I could make it smaller? After all, I still decided to change address, so now It's It's more easy sign photos when there's same name and address. What do you think about this? By the way, THE MAD SELECT has almost seventy readers, so I'm asking again. Do you want some kind of specialtext? Like: my inspirations, v-log, tutorial or something like that. Just leave a comment and tell sweeties!

Anyway, I havent posted for some days. I've been too lazy and uninspirated (laughs). I have met some friends at school, nothing much. In fact, I've been working with my cosplays and designs almost every day. Less than two weeks time to get them ready, but I'm not worried, I'm sure, I got them ready just in time. So concerning to post I made earlier, here's jewelry for my Aoi-cosplays. It's needing only silverspray.

Now there's new sign I tested
I'm also making bracelet and rings, but I don't have pic about them. What do you like?

I'm usually such a casual looking at school. Well, my clothes are, but I still do my hair and make-up - If I'm not feeling very lazy. Some mornings (like today) I'm first going to gym, so I just straighten my hair and make only basic make-up or just wear sunglasses and beanie... Some pics:

Sixth gun jacket, BLACKMORAL shirt from THE DECADE, jeans from Nilla
DARKMATTER shirt, BLACKMORAL, jacket own customed. I just happened love that shirt I'm wearing on right.

I'll post pics about my cosplayworks on next time. Now little picspam for end. (Psst. I got my NLSB limited finally on last weekend, It has subtitles in backstage document too, oh I'm happy! As u can see in my hah!)

I love cappucino ♥ (but I want starbucks really badly argh)

See ya ♥  

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