Ooi! Now I'm going to write about my lovely weekend <´w`> (little late ehh) I were @ Tampere city and saw some friends for a long time. Also used some money (ups) 'cause of Hairlekiini and TIGI ahahah.

On Friday I met Rogu and Julius on railway station. Mom had to wait for me, but finally we were home and got some food. I havent eaten much, only drank Starbucks. I found Caramel macchiato from Lappeenrantas station coffee *w*. I miss Tokyo and Starbuck-cafes so badly.

fridays outfit. Jeans: NILLA, Shirt: BLACKMORAL, Cardigan: FOREVER21, necklace: YELLOW HOUSE
Bored in train? Not really ahaha
On Saturday I were with my best friend Nina. First I went to her home. So nice place! We had fight with shoes I was wearing, but after that 'problem', we talked about DECADE and cosplays we're doing.

Don't even ask about this, total had to XD
Then we noticed that we have wrong fabric. Result? We went to EUROKANGAS and bought new fabric, oh perfectionism ♥

Usually people like to go to clothesstores or something with their friends. Nina and me like to go to fabricstore. Also took friendphoto there hah! After fabricshopping, I wanted to visit in Hairlekiini. I bought awesome hairconditioner and also wax ♥

♥ that purple bottle I have had earlier, Tigi bedhead Foxy curls. New items, Osis+ wax, Tigi bedhead masterpiece hairspray and  same labels hairconditioner, pure love ♥
We had so much fun with Nina. I miss her ;w; ♥
On evening, Janika, aka Nyamo came for night. We watched nameless liberty six guns live dvds extras etc. and ate ice cream! Yum. Uhh why I'm always talking about sweets or something?

I'm going to be in Tampere next time on May. And I just heard something, which makes me really happy. I'll move to Tampere, finally. My days in youngshouse are barely over! But because of that, I have to skip HETERODOXY lives. I'm pissed of about that. Well, I'll go to Groan of Diplosomia finals/final then ~ (My GFC so also HERESY-accounts came to my e-mail ♥)

Some outfits.
So saturdays (31.3) outfit. Jacket: YELLOW HOUSE, T-Shirt: BLACKMORAL, jeans: NILLA. Cardigan under the jacket: FOREVER21

Outfit from last monday. Cardigan: Spiritstore, T-Shirt: BLACKMORAL, jeans: NILLA
I don't know anything more to explain... But one thing! I'm going to make v-log. IN ENGLISH. Not for next but in this month. Hope you don't kill me then...


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