Almost forgotten - evening with mom and OMEGA

I totally have to post this.


We ordered pizza and coke and watched OMEGA two times - with my mom just when I moved back to home. Mom is cool ♥

Oh on Saturday we had sixth guns-meet up. I was disappointed, It wasn't really for me. *still looking for true-gaze-fans* But meeting screampleasure were nice! So she came to Tampere on Friday, we watched OMEGA, Nameless Liberty Six Bullets, Repeated Countless Error and also Heisei Banka (with Julia&Satu too) \(^O^)/

I've lost some followers I see... Well, can't make everyone happy.

Oh! SP promised make new layot for me, I'm too bad with that kind of things haha. And I want new cool layot. 8( She's also trying to buy goods for from HETERODOXY lives. Gaa I'm happy!

One pic from her camera.

Yo/ our hands and BM-bags ♥


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