Outfits + parts of my own kingdom

Huh? People want me to make video-log, I see... Should I make it in english? Lol It would be funny haha! But I don't know about my grammar. But since I've got some comments from other countries, maybe my english isn't too bad ^^''

My dear friends are going to Japan on next week. I'm gonna miss them so badly ;----; I'm also sad, because I couldn't go, though I first planned. I'll miss HETERODOXY *sigh* But they promised to buy BLACKMORAL-goods, I want to for me, I have too lovely friends ♥ I also ordered THE DECADE PC-bag finally, my laptop needs it (>u<)

Ok, in this post, I show some photos about my room, my shoppings and couple of my last days' outfits!

Where goes all my money? Well, actually to the GazettE, but sometimes I buy movies and serieboxes! Like these lol. Collection of Prison break, Grudge collection, True Blood complete first season, Paranormal activity 1&2, Ring's collector edition.. there were Sale in Anttila!
Couple of my dailylooks/outfits.                           

(mirrorpic, so print is backwards lol. Jeans are from NILLA, but they're not in pic)



vestlike: FOREVER21

with mask! (should I clean my mirror...)
(again mirrorpic, so print's backwards)


T-shirt: BLACKMORAL (like almost always lol)

dress shirt: H&M men

jeans: H&M men

Facepic too, I'm looking like "..."

My room is almost ready, I need only two frames more. Here's some photos!

It's like my working area. And wall filled with the GazettE *surprise* Julia helped me a lot with those frames! The window is covered with hoar frost-spray, I think It's pretty (I can see people walking on street but they can't see me anymore hah!)
There are my BLACKMORAL shopbags close to roof  haha (also DECADE pouch in front of mirror). And my another mirror, door to walk-in closet is open. There's my hairsprays etc. in grey shell.
Couple of my Gazeartworks.
Music-shell or Gaze-altar lol and next to It, 'bagcorner' and cd-stand.
I love incences, so I made this for cauterising them. There's glassbottle's for candles.

And for the end.

My laptop \uwu/ Aoi's photo on background yay.
See ya next time! 


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