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Ok I got this from Emmi. I've done some challenge like this before, but I'm bored and haven't post anything for week so why not. I translated this from finnish quickly, so don't judge me about typos hahah. 


Each person must answer to those 11 questions the tagger has set and post answers. Then choose 11 persons to tag and link them in your post. Create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer. Don't tag back.


1. What do you think is the worst band/artist of the world
Uhh... I don't really know. Maybe Lauri Tähkä and Elonkerjuu.

2. Do you watch movies a lot?
Yes! Almost everyday.

3. Your favourite band?

4. Which countries you've visited in your life?
Sweden and Japan

5. Which TV-series you watch?
From collectionboxes haha. L word, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Prison break etc.

6. Do you have any hobby?
Art, designing clothes, working as journalist, blogging, gym, shopping...

7. Your favourite book?
Hard to choose one... But maybe Nancy.

8. If you have number of lucky, what it is?
13 and 6.

9. What's your dreamcareer?

10. Coffee or hot chocolate?

11. What do you think about Johanna Tukiainen or Päivi Räsänen?  

My questions

1. What kind of party do you like?
2. What's your favorite place?
3. What kind of body you like?
4. Most important in your make-up?
5. Style you don't like?
6. Going movies or watching at home?
7. facebook or twitter?
8. Your biggest inpiration?
9. Person who knows you best?
10. Your favorite cd?
11. One goal you're going to reach?

And I tag only these bloggers: Julia, Mutsumi, min, yuku


You have voted v-log most. So now PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. V-log about what? What do you want to see? Only babbling about everything or any meanthemes? Please tell.

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