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Somedays you oversleep and get inspirations from mysterious things. So not truly girly look at this time. I'm just trying to tell you, I'm not going with only one way of style. I'm making my own visions about inspirations of world around me. Mom took photos. There's couple of last day's looks. Comments are desired ♥


Just quick update - or then not

Hello! I haven't written any post for week and now I have time only for quick post. I will update more on weekend, but now I'm very busy and tired because of school's starting. So, I started high school studies in Tampere's TYK. Have to say that I love that place already! People are kinda nice and teachers too. I gotta love my curses too haha! TYK is articulacy-high school, so I have 15 articulary courses. In this period I have dancing and make-up-courses, but I also like psychology though it's theoretical subject.

So I told on last post, I've got into girlish-styles and I'll try gyaru. I dyed my extensions, but actually, I would like to get still more hair, because now I have only one set of extensions I ordered from Hairtrade and I don't know, but somehow they look bit less.

I'm also waiting for lashes I ordered from eBay. Today I got my order from Shoppingholics and I'm going to do reviews about items I got ^^ one pair of circle lenses and BB cream which I wanted to just test. I also got my order from GFC-store. I made that order like over month and half ago, but they shipped it just on last week. I purchased the GazettE's THE DECADE PC BAG I couldn't get from live u_u but now I have it and it's not only pc-bag, but very lovely schoolbag as well ♥ now just iPhone&instagram-pics, I've been bit lazy and taken almost whole pictures with iPhone lol. I got finally photos of clothes I shopped almost two weeks ago, so more about them in following posts, but you can see those purchases already (eg BLACK-knit in picture on last post.)

Tuesday's outfit. T-Shirt and bag- BLACKMORAL, skirt - flea market, belt- somewhere
Sincerely, mirror pics.

I started drawing chibirei for Ayu~
Me and Yuuyuu

Having cappucino while waiting

Packet from Shoppingholics ♥
Today's/Wednesday's outfit: T-shirt and bag - BLACKMORAL, hot pants - got from friend, stockings - Lindex, wedges - Bianco
Lol almost only my face and imsoboreditakepicphotos XD last one is better pic about today's outfit, please ignore my face.

Information: I'm gonna change layout. I like this one, but I decided that I want layout I've made myself so. Background I changed already, what do you like?



With/out high heels

I'll tell you about my feelings and thoughts. It would be nice if you read and commented, but I don't force anybody to read or comment. Remember still that every comment can make me happy.

Here's also new logo
 I want to tell my feelings about my style or myself. Let you know about being boyish or girlish. I have ordered long hair-extensions once again. I had extensions on last year and were kinda girly. Till last spring, I thought that It wasn't really my scene, but actually, It's.

I can't be only boyish or girlish. It's like some kind of disorder between me and my sexuality. I like my "cool-casual"-style, but I miss being girly too. I'm not erasing jackets or tokyopunker-trousers away from my life, not really. I'm just going to test girl-looks again. Because I know it suits to me.

I love wearing high heels and skirts, but for some time, they haven't been suitable for me or my feelings. I have bit messy hell on my mind. I don't know, what do I want for real. I have to find myself, but It's not easy. I'm young, I have time. Sometimes I feel like, I'm not enough for myself. It's truth, I'm very critical and have bad habit to think other's opinions too much. First I should learn accept myself.

I don't want to try too much. I want to be okay with me. This isn't self-pity-talking. I want you all to know, what kind of person I'm. After every thing I've done, I'm thinking if someone is laughing to me. For last couple days, I haven't been looking myself or using my style. I feel little bit empty, I've been looking very ordinary. It's not okay for me, 'cause I feel being different.

I like visual kei-, rokku gyaru-, rock-, punk- and many other shades of styles. I'm gonna get long red hair. My skin is very pale, so I know that red suits. I want to let my hair rest now after many dying etc. I have natural curly hair, so I have to straighten my hair almost every day. For some reasons, my hair aren't in very good condition nowadays. Remember: if you are suffering, your whole body will suffer too. So extensions are not only for changes.

For the end (jumping from thing to other) I just want to express myself. Here in blog, I'll tell about my visions and life, without too private things. Sometimes I'll write this kind of posts.

Maybe I'm just scared that everyone is only laughing to me. I'm not anything special. I'm just Mila. Or Lygo. Thanks for every readers here.

P.S: I won't use disqus here anymore, It seems to be bit difficult to use for somebodies.




Because I don't have my laptop right now (I'm at my aunt's till Saturday and didn't manage take laptop to here) and I don't have photos from last Friday in camera, I'll tell first about my visiting in Helsinki. I went to see my grand-aunt and go shopping hah ♥ I got shoppingday as present and congrating that I got into Tampere's TYK with great scores and so goes on.

On Sunday we went to movies and watched Dark knight rises. It was awesome, I liked it! Also ate in Thai/Vietnam-restaurant. Day was pretty hot, also later at night. Some outfit-photos from Sunday...

Sunday's outfit: vestlike - Forever 21 in Shibuya / shorts - H&M / T-shirt - as a gift from my aunt some years ago... / boots - Ten points, Spiral / bag - BACKSTREET 1½ years ago (I want and need new bag srsly) / jewelries - big chain with skull-lock from Yellow House and two other necklaces as gifts

Circle lenses yep and no, I haven't photoshopped my face on left, It's overlighted 'cause I took pic next to window for getting more naturelight and not yellowish.. 
As you can see, my hair is more red now :3 Thanks for my lovely friend Susanna, L'oreal Feria and KC's colourmask pepper. I don't have photos from that session with me now. I'm holding my old cell in that outfit-pic above, got new one on Monday ♥ Yay now I don't have to use that LQ-camera. And as soon as SIM worked,  I made Instagram-account, (widget on sidebar). Feel free to follow me ^^
On Monday we had great shoppingday with Sinikka! Sales are the best hahah. I got two jeans, two shirts and one pair of shoes. Amount of these all were only 112euros, because crazy sales. Like, GUESS' denim jeans: original price 115e/sale price -70% = 34,90e. Rosebullet's jeans from Spiritstore costed 8,85e, OP 59e~ I'll make post about those purchases later, I haven't taken pics yet.

After shopping we ate (surprise) in Italian kitchen-restaurant.

Yum ♥
Then I got to railwaystation and started boring traintrip to Lappeenranta where my aunt took my to Vehkataipale or countryside in the middle of peripheria - should I say *laughs* No, staying here is nice sometimes, though I couldn't live this far away from everything.

There are two new readers, hi to you! And so I've told earlier. I'll be very happy if you left comment, opinion, ideas for posts or questions ^^ I'll make v-log if you wish and are interested, but let me know, what kind of video you want. Using disqus-commenting is such easy, I promise to reply every comment I'll get.