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Hello! I haven't written any post for week and now I have time only for quick post. I will update more on weekend, but now I'm very busy and tired because of school's starting. So, I started high school studies in Tampere's TYK. Have to say that I love that place already! People are kinda nice and teachers too. I gotta love my curses too haha! TYK is articulacy-high school, so I have 15 articulary courses. In this period I have dancing and make-up-courses, but I also like psychology though it's theoretical subject.

So I told on last post, I've got into girlish-styles and I'll try gyaru. I dyed my extensions, but actually, I would like to get still more hair, because now I have only one set of extensions I ordered from Hairtrade and I don't know, but somehow they look bit less.

I'm also waiting for lashes I ordered from eBay. Today I got my order from Shoppingholics and I'm going to do reviews about items I got ^^ one pair of circle lenses and BB cream which I wanted to just test. I also got my order from GFC-store. I made that order like over month and half ago, but they shipped it just on last week. I purchased the GazettE's THE DECADE PC BAG I couldn't get from live u_u but now I have it and it's not only pc-bag, but very lovely schoolbag as well ♥ now just iPhone&instagram-pics, I've been bit lazy and taken almost whole pictures with iPhone lol. I got finally photos of clothes I shopped almost two weeks ago, so more about them in following posts, but you can see those purchases already (eg BLACK-knit in picture on last post.)

Tuesday's outfit. T-Shirt and bag- BLACKMORAL, skirt - flea market, belt- somewhere
Sincerely, mirror pics.

I started drawing chibirei for Ayu~
Me and Yuuyuu

Having cappucino while waiting

Packet from Shoppingholics ♥
Today's/Wednesday's outfit: T-shirt and bag - BLACKMORAL, hot pants - got from friend, stockings - Lindex, wedges - Bianco
Lol almost only my face and imsoboreditakepicphotos XD last one is better pic about today's outfit, please ignore my face.

Information: I'm gonna change layout. I like this one, but I decided that I want layout I've made myself so. Background I changed already, what do you like?


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  1. toi gyaruilu ei oo yhtää sun juttus kyl

    1. niin no en kyllä laske itseäni gyaruksi ainakaan vielä. Jokaisella mielipiteensä, monet on kyllä sanoneet että sopii..

  2. You look so nice with your long red hair. *^*
    I wish it would suit me - but it doesn't. D:
    And I love your shoes! :D
    Plus: I'm quite excited about your reviews and stuff... Can't wait!!
    + I like your new background. It's so cool to do all layout things by yourself...

    1. Thank you! I'll do them asap I'll get lashes I've ordered too ^^ and thank you! New layout will be little bit lighter yep.. Black isn't good for some pictures > <

    2. Thanks for your comment again - and OF COURSE I didn't forgot your tag! I will do it the next time - I promise! :)

  3. I really like your long hair (。♥ω♥。)and red really suits you:3
    You look so wonderful:3
    I like this new background, I look forward how it'll look all done^.^

  4. aww, you look so girlish with long hair *-* it suits you so much! I was wondering recently about trying gyaru too, but i'm afraid of wearing short skirts, tops and high heels XD
    keep doinf, i'm looking forward to see next outfits ^^

    1. Thank you too! Well, I can't say I'm gyaru yet, I need to fix some things.. You'll see!

    2. I think it's very good for beginning ;3 maybe more intense make up or curly hair (I know not all gyarus have curly hair but you know what i mean) I think you have really lovely face for gyaru and figure as well ^^

    3. Thanks a lot veru! (´Д` ) ♡

  5. i love your bag and the colour of your hair is amazing :)


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