Because I don't have my laptop right now (I'm at my aunt's till Saturday and didn't manage take laptop to here) and I don't have photos from last Friday in camera, I'll tell first about my visiting in Helsinki. I went to see my grand-aunt and go shopping hah ♥ I got shoppingday as present and congrating that I got into Tampere's TYK with great scores and so goes on.

On Sunday we went to movies and watched Dark knight rises. It was awesome, I liked it! Also ate in Thai/Vietnam-restaurant. Day was pretty hot, also later at night. Some outfit-photos from Sunday...

Sunday's outfit: vestlike - Forever 21 in Shibuya / shorts - H&M / T-shirt - as a gift from my aunt some years ago... / boots - Ten points, Spiral / bag - BACKSTREET 1½ years ago (I want and need new bag srsly) / jewelries - big chain with skull-lock from Yellow House and two other necklaces as gifts

Circle lenses yep and no, I haven't photoshopped my face on left, It's overlighted 'cause I took pic next to window for getting more naturelight and not yellowish.. 
As you can see, my hair is more red now :3 Thanks for my lovely friend Susanna, L'oreal Feria and KC's colourmask pepper. I don't have photos from that session with me now. I'm holding my old cell in that outfit-pic above, got new one on Monday ♥ Yay now I don't have to use that LQ-camera. And as soon as SIM worked,  I made Instagram-account, (widget on sidebar). Feel free to follow me ^^
On Monday we had great shoppingday with Sinikka! Sales are the best hahah. I got two jeans, two shirts and one pair of shoes. Amount of these all were only 112euros, because crazy sales. Like, GUESS' denim jeans: original price 115e/sale price -70% = 34,90e. Rosebullet's jeans from Spiritstore costed 8,85e, OP 59e~ I'll make post about those purchases later, I haven't taken pics yet.

After shopping we ate (surprise) in Italian kitchen-restaurant.

Yum ♥
Then I got to railwaystation and started boring traintrip to Lappeenranta where my aunt took my to Vehkataipale or countryside in the middle of peripheria - should I say *laughs* No, staying here is nice sometimes, though I couldn't live this far away from everything.

There are two new readers, hi to you! And so I've told earlier. I'll be very happy if you left comment, opinion, ideas for posts or questions ^^ I'll make v-log if you wish and are interested, but let me know, what kind of video you want. Using disqus-commenting is such easy, I promise to reply every comment I'll get.


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