Here it is! V-log nro 1

Surprise! I made it finally. My hair looks awful after long day and I'm acting like a little idiot. Uhh I'm so nervous, but here you go >///< it's kinda long, 11 minutes ! Now I'm going to sleep, this is first video I've edited etc. hope you like it.



Hello! Still no reviews or v-log, sorry. I had examweek, but no It's over and I'm feeling kinda fine ~ So stuffs I've promised will definetely come soon!

From thing to other. I started japanese-studies seriously and gonna study hard. I started at second course since I knew hiraganas and katakanas + basic grammar already. So now I'm studying more grammar, words and kanjis ~ I'm going to use my ameblo account for training japanese. Check if you want and if there's some awful grammar mistakes, come tell me, I won't mind.

I've met some very nice people recently and next year's cosplay-plans are already decided thank's for one lovely. Aoi's THE DECADE-look for first, I have Uruha with me yo!

I'm trying to get part-time job (with journalist job I'm still doing) so I could earn more for next year. I'll go to Tokyo again, can't wait since I've met so many nice people to hang out with there! Anyway, I'll be VERY busy ugh. I'm trying to update as much as possible, at least once on next week, probably after my birthday, I'm going to take lip piercing hahah. Love you all readers, 85 already ♥

Some things which have happened lately... First, I have two cats now. Vadelma (Raspberry) came to me couple weeks ago. KISU (cat protecting company) were trying to find new home to her and my little gremlin Yuuyuu needed someone to play with. I was so happy when mom said we got Vadelma, we were chosen. So I skipped Tracon 'cause new baby came. Few days all three cats (mom's Nekku esp) were snarling to each other, but now Yuuyuu and Vadelma are like sisters and so cute together ;---; ♥

Me and Vadelma ahaha ♥
Then one another big thing. Anna asked me on twitter if I'd like to work as model in her photographs. She's making portfolio and needed people to photos too, so of course I said yes. Here's some photospam now. Photos aren't including watermark of my blog 'cause they are Anna's (some photos in JaME-Finland for example) and you can check here DeviantART acc for more photos. Ignore my empty face I have in some photos, It's because our theme for photoshoot saga is Schizophrenia, photosets Anna's going to name with the GazettE's songs, surprise *laughs*
Here's some photos from first shoot.

13STAIRS (c) Anna
13STAIRS (c) Anna
13STAIRS (c) Anna 
RED (c) Anna


black top: H&M 
feather jacket: YELLOW HOUSE in Harajuku
leatherette trousers: my own design
boots: TEN POINTS, Spiral
Shooting and editing copyrights to this creative, lovely woman ♥ Today we had second shoot, fun again. Photos of first shoot are taken at some creepy places in Tampere, abandoned houses and factories! Pretty cool, but scary haha! I'll add more photos from this shoot later. How about if I make own page for these photos and every pictures I'll be modelling in? Like, "photoshoots" file to navigation? I'm going to model for couple of  awesome photographers, so It would be nice if all photos were organized in their own files in blog, what do you think?

Last thing. After trying to be girly for sometime, I became more nervous and kept stressing about all those lashes etc. Do I look ok? Is something wrong? How do lashes look? How about my outfit, do I look fat? My head said KABOOM. It's just... It's not my style. Yeah well, It's nice how I could use high heels and skirts, but after few minutes I'm sad. This is not me. I have horrible crisis. One thing I know, I miss my looks from last springs. Suitcoats, loose shirts, dark eye-make-up, leatherette trousers, "visual kei-looking". What's me? I don't know anymore. I miss myself and I'm gonna take it back. More androgyne me would be better. Just saying.

By the way, what do you like about new blogger? I dislike -__- still trying to find, where's the button for editing HTML fml. I avoided this edition as long as I could, but now.

P.S: I got my DIVISION sometime ago and I love that album. NP:

instagram, my friend
+ Last details! Twitter is bitch nowadays and I can't add that widget to here anymore > < So: MY TWITTER. Trying to figure out for getting new widget later. Also installed iOS 6 to my iPhone, and changed +edited my tumblr's theme (Necrosis of Emotions), happy ♥

See ya soon!


Make it!

Hello! So I promised, there will be lots of things I'm gonna talk and tell about! V-log will probably come on this week, but only if I find enough time for it. I'll show my room and talk random things same time, because those themes won the poll XD

Anyway, so I've told (if I remember right), I started make-up course in TYK. My teacher told me to test Grimas' make-up products when I asked her opinion. Firt I was wondering because I've always thought that items of Grimas are only for camouflage or cosplay, not for daily make-up. After testing, my reaction was like "wow". I like pigments very much and there are so many different shades. Where did I find these easily? (Click photos to see them bigger)

Make it!-store in Tampere surprised me positively! Ultimate cute, little shop with tempting pink lights got to my Top10-list of interesting shops in Finland. This store has all Grimas-products and it's the first shop only for Grimas in Finland. Make it! Doesn't have webstore or homepage yet, but you can like it on Facebook! I suggest this little shop for everyone who's interested in make-up items with high quality but low prices. Also brushes are good in my opinion.

 I'll do some reviews about items (same time with lense-preview I still haven't done, because of rush > <) I bought on tomorrow, here's my catch:

Sorry, my table is so dirty 8( five different kind of brushes, eyeshadow palette which shades I chose by myself, creme make-up foundation - shade G1, and transparent powder.
Go and check Make it!-store's Facebook-page here, notice that it's in finnish:

P.S: In Future, there would be some parts of texts in finnish too, I'll write mostly in english, but some tags or things will be written in my mother language.


Good morning rush

Long time no see dears! I've been sick for week and haven't got any energy for updating > < I'm writing this post with mobile, cause I'm still too busy, but I promise I'll write entry on this week. Poll closed while ago and results tell that 'random-talking'won after all hahah~ so I'll make my first video-blog soon. I'm gonna speak only in finnish, but maybe when I get better with pronouncing, I'll make video in english. Overseas readers, don't worry, I'll write translation ^^ Also circle lenses-review will come soon, as soon as I get good photos, which aren't taken with iPhone. Couple of things left! I have bangs now, mom did new haircut for me and I'm in love with this. I don't even have to do my hair and they look good ((´艸`*)) Last thing you have already saw; new layout. What do you like it? I changed almost everything except some fonts and background I made earlier. All photos in header are taken about me, copyrights on sidebar. No pics now > < you can follow me on Instagram! See ya~