Good morning rush

Long time no see dears! I've been sick for week and haven't got any energy for updating > < I'm writing this post with mobile, cause I'm still too busy, but I promise I'll write entry on this week. Poll closed while ago and results tell that 'random-talking'won after all hahah~ so I'll make my first video-blog soon. I'm gonna speak only in finnish, but maybe when I get better with pronouncing, I'll make video in english. Overseas readers, don't worry, I'll write translation ^^ Also circle lenses-review will come soon, as soon as I get good photos, which aren't taken with iPhone. Couple of things left! I have bangs now, mom did new haircut for me and I'm in love with this. I don't even have to do my hair and they look good ((´艸`*)) Last thing you have already saw; new layout. What do you like it? I changed almost everything except some fonts and background I made earlier. All photos in header are taken about me, copyrights on sidebar. No pics now > < you can follow me on Instagram! See ya~

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  1. I really like your layout - how I already told you before... :D
    AND: I can't wait for your coming updates... :)
    Saw your bangs on Instagram and it looks so lovely. Really <3

    1. I tagged you, dear (;


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