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Hello! So I promised, there will be lots of things I'm gonna talk and tell about! V-log will probably come on this week, but only if I find enough time for it. I'll show my room and talk random things same time, because those themes won the poll XD

Anyway, so I've told (if I remember right), I started make-up course in TYK. My teacher told me to test Grimas' make-up products when I asked her opinion. Firt I was wondering because I've always thought that items of Grimas are only for camouflage or cosplay, not for daily make-up. After testing, my reaction was like "wow". I like pigments very much and there are so many different shades. Where did I find these easily? (Click photos to see them bigger)

Make it!-store in Tampere surprised me positively! Ultimate cute, little shop with tempting pink lights got to my Top10-list of interesting shops in Finland. This store has all Grimas-products and it's the first shop only for Grimas in Finland. Make it! Doesn't have webstore or homepage yet, but you can like it on Facebook! I suggest this little shop for everyone who's interested in make-up items with high quality but low prices. Also brushes are good in my opinion.

 I'll do some reviews about items (same time with lense-preview I still haven't done, because of rush > <) I bought on tomorrow, here's my catch:

Sorry, my table is so dirty 8( five different kind of brushes, eyeshadow palette which shades I chose by myself, creme make-up foundation - shade G1, and transparent powder.
Go and check Make it!-store's Facebook-page here, notice that it's in finnish:

P.S: In Future, there would be some parts of texts in finnish too, I'll write mostly in english, but some tags or things will be written in my mother language.

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  1. This looks like wonderland. I think I could spend hours over hours there...
    The photos are so beautiful and I really ask myself now, if we have something like that here too...
    I definitely should search!

    And I'm so looking forward to your reviews! :D

    Though you'll write in Finish... are you planning to leave small translated parts still?
    It would be really, really nice... I don't like google's translations... /:

    1. No problem dear, I won't stop writing in english ^^ I'll write only some tags and speak vlogs in finnish, I like englishwriting and I hope my English is good enough.

      And yes, that place is like heaven. I will do little giveaway maybe when 10000 visitors or hundred readers are reached ^^

    2. Then I'm relieved! :)
      & yeah: I think your English is really good. I can understand everything and it's nice to comment here/write with you.

      And that give-away thing sounds awesome! *^*

  2. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


    1. I've forgot to reply! Thanks a lot ^^ ill check your links as soon as I have time !

  3. I'm very interested to read your blog. I blog about Grimas Makeup too. I sell it in UK and around the world. You can find me at if you are interested.


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