I'm MELTing

I'm drowning to my all gazefeels right now. Yesterday was good day, definetely.

Guess who's booking flights as soon as possible? I'm going back to Japan in next March! All these feelings because the GazettE's GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA tour final MELT I'm going will be held in same date when THE DECADE were and the final will be held @ Saitama Super Arena! I'm excited as hell and can't hold my feelings. Also, THE DECADE live DVD will be released in on Jan 9th. Life is smiling right now.

Btw, I dyed my hair back to black. No regrets, I just can't live without black though I'm going to dye pinkblack before going to Japan yesh.

Some random Instagram-photos etc, this post is sent from phone so no watermarks.

Last pic, I made some Halloween style scar/bite/gore whatever makeup and this is the result. I was told it looks like "zombie has eaten piece of my arm" ok hahah! 

I'm going to post soon about my weekendtrip in Helsinki and as soon as I know more about my next Japan trip, I'll tell you *\(^o^)/* 

またね ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥

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  1. ohmygod oot niin onnekas ku pääset japaniin ja keikalle näät ne ja aaaaaaa *kateus* ;____;

    et muute arvaa kui ekaks säikähdin ku katoin twitteris tota arpikuvaa, toi on niin hyvin tehty et ois menny multa ihan täydestä jos en oisi tajunnu lukee sitä tekstii siinä vieres ::D

    1. Koskaan ei voi nähdä niitä liikaa ja tääki tulee olemaan vasta toka kerta ;--; ja mutta kiitos <3 maskeerausta on kiva opiskella :) kiitos kommentista!

  2. Oh god! You're sooo lucky!
    I really hope I can finally go to Japan next year too... (should be around March as well because I have no lectures then)

    Hnn... sorry that I didn't react on Instagram... but my phone broke... resp. it's too old for Instagram - suddenly. HATE apple. D:
    Aaaanyway. Sorry for my late reply to this as well... /:

    1. Tell me if you're coming around 8.-16.3 so we could maybe meet up ^_−☆ and np with that instagram thing! Thanks for your comment once again dear Yuku ♥

    2. ... I just realize now: Did you got your lip pierced or did I just not noticed it before??
      It looks good - if it's a fake, you are extra lucky to have such a real looking one (;

      I'll tell you as soon as I know - it would be amazing to meet you ! *^*

    3. Yes I did ^^ thank you ! I'm glad you'd like to! Tell me then (*^^*)

  3. Oi siistiä! Pääset näkemään gazet. Kateus. Eilen just luin kaikkii gaze juttuja ja äää;__; mäkin haluan. No mutta vaik siihen on viel vähä aikaa nii pidä hauskaa!:)

    1. Toista kertaa joo, nostalgia ♥ ja kiitos paljon!


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