Life is like huge painting with thousands of skies

Yo! Kuten tuli viimeksi mainittua, vuorossa on haasteen suorittelua tällä kertaa - taas vaihteeksi. Kuinkahan monta kertaa mut on tagattu maaliskuusta lähtien? Ainakin viis tai jotain sinnepäin. Ei rehellisesti mitään hajua, mutta noh.

Yo! Like I said in last post, this time I'll do challenge I got - once again.  How many times I've got tagged since March? At least five or more. To be honest, I have no clue, but well.

Koska haaste on englanniksi ja oon liian laiska sitä kääntämään, kirjoitan tästä eteenpäin postauksen vain enkuks, sorry.

Since the challenge is in english and I'm too lazy to translate, I'm going to write this post only in english from now on. Okay, so.

I got this from my dear Ninni. And I remember I've done this challenge at least once or twice already, but who cares!


1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.
5. These lucky bloggers must be told.
6. There's no tag backs.

Shall we begin? Yes. (for first I need to find 11 facts I haven't told already lmao.)


1. I have deep relationship with my phone. Lol. I'm having it in my hands almost whole time and my mom complains about it and calls my iPhone tumor.

2. For me, it's hard as **** to start things. Like vacuuming or homeworks. It might take at least two or three hours to begin.

3. I like collecting things. Especially DVD/TV-series boxes. I have Prison break, L word, SAW, Grudge etc. collections/seasons for example!

4. In addition of dark, horror, rock etc. things, I love all cute stuff like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma ♥ also decorating pics!

5. I like Linkin Park a lot.

6. Making friends worldwide and seeing/meeting new people are always nice. I love having long conversations about anything that occurs.

7. I'm perfectionist with almost everything.

8. I started doing 'horror'-make ups couple months ago and also did wound etc. make ups first time this year. Now I'm kinda hooked with doing these, so much fun!

9. I have lots of friends in Helsinki and try to visit there as often as possible.

10. I'm surrounded by social media 24/7 lol. But I do have social life irl too, dammit!

11. Last but not least, I really love my family.


1. Why did you start your blog?
Because I wanted to do so. When THE MAD SELECT was borned (with different names first) I had decided to try writing blog again, this time seriosly and more often than once in 6 months. So now I'm updating at least once in month, but gonna try to do it more often.

2. If the world really ends next month, what would you do before it happens?

Geez... I don't really know. I don't wanna think that.

3.   What do you do when you're pissed off at something/someone?
Rant on my twitter?

4.   Do you like any DIY-things?
Of course! I've been so lazy lately so I haven't done any for long time, though I'd like to do so badly.

5.   Alexander Mc. Queen or Vivienne Westwood?
Damn you... Well, Alexander Mc. Queen, 'cause I really like that man's vision and sense of design. 

6.   What is the best memory from your childhood?
I can't choose the best... But especially moment when I got Digimon's Patamon plush toy! I loved and still love plush toys haha! Also watching movies like The Lord of the Rings and Gremlins with mom while she read all subtitles with 'fairytalevoices.'

7.   What are your passions?
All of them?  For example art of course, make up, taking photos with friends, travelling, writing, languages... Visual kei- and other japanese street styles and watching dance shows.

8.   A cup of tea and a scone or a cup of coffee with a cookie?
Coffee, but I wont eat cookie or scone either. Only coffee.

9.   When you were seven, what was your favorite song/artist and why?
The Rasmus, because of Lauri and my aunt listened to it a lot! 

10.   Are you against fur farming?
Yes, but I'm not crazy fox girl.

11.   How would you describe yourself as a person?
Umm.. Maybe creative mad, but also very serious and appropriate depending on situation. Bad to show real feelings and gets stressed very easily. I don't know, I might give bad first impression to people by being rude or something, but for real, I could not to hurt anyone and I feel guilty if I think I've said something bad to someone though I shouldn't. Sometimes I'm bit shy. People who know me well can tell better than me. *laughs*

And then new questions:
1. What kind of person you think you were three years ago?
2. What's the thing you could never try?
3. What was your biggest dream when you were 6 years old?
4. Name at least five countries you would like to visit.
5. Do you like your name or would you change it if you could, what that name would be?
6. Do you watch any reality TV-shows like Project Runway or Topmodel?
7. Name three of your favourite movies.
8. Which one you'd attend, party with friends or board game night with family members you haven't seen for long time?
9. Who's your favourite actor/actress and in which role?
10. Favourite song at the moment?
11. Do you have best friend? Tell about her/him!

And I'll tag only few, not eleven, sorry.

Von Toten Auferstanden

Bloggers above will be informed, but anyone who wants to do this, go ahead and tell me! I'd like to read.

All for now, see ya!


Le nostalgia @ Nosturi and '90s party

Hei vain muruset! Tässä on ehtinyt taas vierähtää viikko jos toinenkin, pahoitteluni taas vaihteen vuoksi. Kiireistä aikaa niin tällä hetkellä kuin tulossakin. Tässä meinaa pää hajota, mutta koitetaanpa sinnitellä!

Hello darlings! Once again I haven't post for week or two, my apologise. Busy times atm and in the future. My head is probably going to explode, but let's try to survive ok!

Tässä on ehtinyt taas tapahtua sitä sun tätä, mutta aloitetaanpa nyt vaikka kunnon nostalgisoinnista. Eli siis, tossa 6.11 päätin tehdä total extemporee reissun Helsinkiin An Cafen keikan nimissä. En kyllä kadu yhtään, upea keikka ja soittivat niin monia lempikappaleita vuosien takaa, että johan siinä meinas sydän pakahtua jossain määrin. (Tosin ainoastaan the GazettE saa mun tunteilemaan ♥) Olin kai joskus neljän maissa Helsingissä. Kipitin suoraan koulusta rauttikselle ja Nosturilla sain huomata, et aamun äkkilähtö + huivin unohtuminen kostautui pahemman kerran :__D Oli pirun kylmä ja tuntui et siinä parissa tunnissakin jäätyy.

It has happened a lot during these weeks, but let's begin with good nostalgia. So, on Tue. Nov. 6th I decided to extemporally visit in Helsinki in the name of An Cafe's live. No regrets, great show and they played so many of my favouritesongs from years ago, that I almost got my heart burst (not really, lives are fun, but the GazettE is only one that makes my feelings exploding ♥) I were around 4pm in Helsinkin. Run straight from school to railwaystation and at Nosturi realized how quick start of morning + forgetting scarf backfired totally :__D There were cold as fuck and felt like I'm gonna be frozen even in couple hours. (Why do I write so complicated finnish it's almost pain in ass to translate... Anygays.)

Da Nyappy outfit. Shirt - ACDC RAG in Harajuku Takeshita dori. Even once I wore some colour, not only black hahah.
Hauskaa oli ja tutustui uusiin/tapasi kavereita ihan mukavasti. Taisin loppujen lopuksi olla keskellä toista riviä ja sain Mikun kuolat suoraan päälleni :-D meininki oli mahtia ja pirteää, mut sai kanssa kaipaamaan kunnon moshausriehumista, ikävä kyllä taitaa toi Blackline jäädä välistä. Noh. Gaze ens vuonna joka tapauksessa H.A.

Had fun and met new/old friends much enough. I was in the middle of second row in the end of live I guess and got Miku's drools all over myself :-D Atmosphere were really good and cheerful, but made me miss mad headbanging. Sadly I guess I need to skip that Blackline's live. Well. Gaze on next year anyway so H.A.

Jotain kohtauksia keikalta ja settilistaa... Koin myös kauhun hetkiä kun huulikoru jäi kiinni jonkun hiuksiin ja yritin sitä epätoivoisesti saada irti. Keikka kesti vähän päälle tunnin ja loppuhuipennuksena vokalisti otti paitansa pois :'D kaikki puhuivat Suomea 3P:n aikana ja MC:t oli pääasiassa englanniksi. Jotenkin tuntui, et kaikki loppu liian nopeasti, mutta hieno keikka joka tapauksessa. ♥ Aloittivat maple gunmanilla, mikä oli mulle kuin 12w Milan unelmien täyttymys, lisäksi Tekesuta kousen ja monet muut toi niin paljon muistoja mieleen ah.

Some scene of live and setlist... I also got horrorexperiences when my lipring got stucked in someone's hair and I tried desperately take it away. Live last little bit longer than hour and in the end the vocalist took his shirt 3P and MC:s were mostly in english. Somehow I felt like that it ended too fast, but great show anyway. ♥ They started with maple gunman, which was like dream come true of 12 yo Mila, in addition, Tekesuta kousen and many other songs brought lots of memories ah.

 Maple Gunman
Kakusei Heroism
Tekesuta Kousen
Wagamama Koushinkyouku
Snow Scene
Self Instruction Manual
 Nyappy in the world 4
 Amazing Blue
Cherry Saku Yuuki!!
BondS Kizuna
 Smile Ichiban ii onna

Ja nyt asiasta toiseen. Eli viime viikonloppuna oli TYK:in 90-luku tapahtuma/bileet! Päätinpä kerrankin osallistua moisiin, eikä ollut pöllömpää. Välillä kyllä jäin vaan itsekseni tai pelasin crash bandicootia jätkien kanssa pelihuoneessa :--D Jonkin aikaa jaksoin olla rave-partyissa, mut päätin livistää siinä vaiheessa kun ihmiset päätti stripata... Ja kyseessähän oli alkoholiton tapahtuma, ettei oikein mitään fiilistä anyway. Pokemon-teemaa kyllä oli hyödynnetty hyvin :D

And now from thing to other. So, on last weekend was TYK's '90s happening/party! Decided to participate even once in lifetime and not bad at all. Occasionally I hang there alone or played crash bandicoot with guys in gameroom :--D For while I were in rave-parties, but get away when people started stripteasing lmao... And it was alcohol free party, so no vibes anyways. Pokemon-theme was used well :D

Sitten pakollinen tältä-minä-näytin-jeejee-kuva.

Outfit. Hat cause I'm gonna eliminate one stupid seller of Sokos who sold me wrong shade of hairdye <3>
Seuraavaksi teen sitten pari haastetta, mitä mulle on ehditty heittää parikin kappaletta tässä. Mut hei armaat 91 lukijaa, mitä haluisitte seuraavaksi nähdä? Ehdotuksia tai toiveita? Layoutia säädän luultavasti sen verran, että tää sisältöosio kapenee vähän ja uus tausta kuulostais hyvältä.

Next I'll do couple of challenges I've got couple already. But hey dear 91 readers, what would you like to see next? Any ideas or wishes? Layout will be probably changing a bit. This inner page will narrow bit and new background sounds good.

All for now !