Pinky christmas with great amount of mulled wine

Hi everybody,
Unfortunately I can't do christmas vlog, I'm sick (got sinositis) and can't even talk clearly, thanks for sore throat and coughing. Seems like that I'll do special vlog anyway as soon as I get better. Right now I just simply can't get myself look nothing, but sick and tired. There has been lots of work and sleepless nights and this sickness is making me really frustrated.

I'll come back as soon as I'm feeling good enough for blogging, sorry and thanks for new readers here. Here, have some pics of my christmas.

P.S: My little brother gave his old PS2 for me as a christmas gift, happy now ♥

I tried this though! Sorry, I don't have any make up at all and I tried this first time so...
Actually the tree is white, but lights are pink. Yes I chose theme colour ♥
I built this for babies ♥
And baked a bit.
And this is kinda my christmas outfit from yesterday + new sweet warm socks I got as a gift ♥
That's it for now, see ya next time and Merry X'mas and kisses ♥


It's christmas tomorrow!

Hello sweeties! This post is only in english, 'cause I'm simply too lazy to write in two languages since I'm writing on phone. Anyway, first I apologize that I haven't updated for while, I've been really busy with school and other stuff. Last Sunday I was modelling for my friend Julia's photography work and that was fun! Although I had only thin skirt and black top and it was snowing + windy with -10 degrees outside hahah! Well I'm bit masochist, but it was fun. Next shoot we're gonna have in January because we got awesome idea for shoot and I'm getting my hair pink with black parts, eexciiiteeed ♡

My holiday was supposed to start on Thursday, but because I got sick, my holiday started on Tuesday in fact. I have to work during my break though, with animation works. Still so much to do...

But now the main point of this post! 

Since the Christmas is on tomorrow, I decided to make christmas special post and it's going to be christmas video-log. Now I'm asking you if you're interested, what kind of vlog you'd want? Tell me ideas, wishes, anything! I want to know your opinion first! I asked this on my twitter too btw, if you want, go there for more short updates of my life ~ thank you 97 readers here ♡

Sorry, no pics now, I can't load any from my phone > <


Fun times in Helsinki

Olkaa ylpeitä, toinen postaus heti perään ja tällä kertaa selostan jotain hienoa viime viikonlopun Helsingin-reissusta yo.

Be proud, another post right away and this time I'll tell something about my last weekend's Helsinki visit yo.

Eli siis lyhyesti ja ytimekkäästi, näin ihmisiä, jaksoin laittaa tukkaa ja meikkiä ees pari kertaa viikossa, tutustuin uusiin ihmisiin, seikkailin Kampissa, en ostanut mitään, muttei shoppailu edes kiinnostanutkaan. Yövyin sukulaisten luona, mut lähinnä vaan kävin siellä nukkumassa ja muuten luuhasin keskustassa.
Perjantaina näin Auraa ja Helenaa, käytiin syömässä sushia (joka muuten oli aivan mielettömän hyvää), juteltiin paljon ja otettiin yks hieno blurri kuvakin ulkona katulamppujen loistavassa valaistuksessa (huomatkaa sarkasmi). Ei mut kivaa oli! Pitää käydä useammin Helsingissä ;A;

So simply and shortly, I saw people, managed to do my hair&make up even twice in week, met new
On Friday I met with Aura and Helena and we went to eat sushi (that was veeery tasty), talked a lot and took one great blur picture outside with awesome streetlights (note: sarcasm). But had fun! Need to visit more often in Helsinki ;A;
people and hung out in Kamppi, didn't buy anything, but weren't interested in shopping anyway. I stayed at my relatives, but mainly only slept there and otherwise fooled around in centre.

I love you girls ♥
Lauantaina näin ensiksi Emmaa ja kävin ensimmäistä kertaa Manga Cafessa. Herranjestas mikä meteli... Mut kahvi oli ihan jees.

On Saturday I first met with Emma and went to Manga Cafe for first time. Jesus christ that noise... But coffee was kinda good.

Seuraavaksi jäin sitten odottelemaan Tomia aka Enniä ja odottamatta miittasinkin myös Keitsua ja tutustuin moniin uusiin tyyppeihin mm. Elinaan, Daikiin ja Myrkkyyn. Kävin myös muiden mukana Tomin luona ja jees mahtavaa oli, pitää tosiaan käydä useammin, kiitos kaikki ♥

Next I waited for Tom aka Enni and surprisingly met Keitsu too and also met many new persons e.g Elina, Daiki and Myrkky. Also went to Tom's place with others and yeah, it was great, I really need to visit there more often, thank you all ♥

Let's love quality and ignore me lol.
Sunnuntaina vietin sitten aikaa taas Helenan ja Auran kanssa + Myrkyn, joka ystävällisesti tuli mua myös vastaan bussipysäkille. Vielä loppuun pari asu/pärstäkuvaa ja viime maanantain maskeerausjuttuja.

On Sunday I were with Helena and Aura again + with Myrkky, who friendly met me at bus stop. For the end couple of outfit/facepics and last Monday's make up-stuff.

Friday with Ninni ♥
Ignore my hair lol. Weather was horrible on Friday TuT
Not going to fix typos, I'm gonna play LOTRO now, see ya!

I do have my own fellowship and assasins

Lumista lauantai-iltapäivää kaikille! Ninni sai mut tossa tunti sitten viimein ylös ja lähti parikymmentä minuuttia sitten. Itse päätin palata virtuaalimaailmaan ja ilahduttaa ihmisiä blogipostauksella ahhaha.

Snowy Saturday afternoon to everybody! Ninni got me awake at last one hour ago and then left around twenty minutes ago. I decided to return back to virtual world and cheer people with blogpost ahhaha.

Joo siis ihana Ninniseni oli meillä yötä ja pidettiin kahdeksan tunnin lanit tässä LOTRO:n merkeissä (ladatkaa, pelatkaa ja etsikää Rivendellin Mirimiel aka mun metsästäjähaltijani.) Aloitettiin ihan alusta ja päästiin molemmat tasolle 12 siinä kahdeksassa tunnissa. Otettiin hienoja kuvia, pelattiin hc-moodilla, syötiin hyvin ja derpattiin aina välissä Ninnin gifyossa.

Yeah so my lovely Ninni came here for sleepover and we played LOTRO all night long (download, play and search for Mirimiel of Rivendell aka my hunter elf.) Started the game from the beginning and both reached level 12 in eight hours. Took awesome pics, played on hc-mood, ate well and derped with Ninni's gifyo.

We are fabulous.

Lisäksi Ninni onnistui koukuttamaan mut puhelinpeliin nimeltä Inotia 4 Assasins of Berkel ja sitä oonkin sitten kaikki vapaa-ajat pelannut itsekseni puolessatoista viikossa tasolle 41 woohoo.

Also Ninni got me hooked to phonegame called Inotia 4 Assasins of Berkel and now I've been playing it on all my freetimes to level 41 in week and half woohoo.

Lol I love you Kiyan.
 Ootan muuten Hobittia tosi innoissani ja meen katsomaan heti kun tulee elokuviin! Oon ollut Tolkien nörtti 6/8-vuotiaasta ja LOTR on iso osa elämää, jotenkin en vaan näytä sitä.

Btw, I'm really excited of Hobbit and gonna go watch it as soon as it comes to movies! I've been Tolkien nerd since I was 6 or eight so yeah LOTR is big part of my life though I don't really show it.

There might be typos this time, but I don't really have energy to fix my typos now haha, sorry.