It's christmas tomorrow!

Hello sweeties! This post is only in english, 'cause I'm simply too lazy to write in two languages since I'm writing on phone. Anyway, first I apologize that I haven't updated for while, I've been really busy with school and other stuff. Last Sunday I was modelling for my friend Julia's photography work and that was fun! Although I had only thin skirt and black top and it was snowing + windy with -10 degrees outside hahah! Well I'm bit masochist, but it was fun. Next shoot we're gonna have in January because we got awesome idea for shoot and I'm getting my hair pink with black parts, eexciiiteeed ♡

My holiday was supposed to start on Thursday, but because I got sick, my holiday started on Tuesday in fact. I have to work during my break though, with animation works. Still so much to do...

But now the main point of this post! 

Since the Christmas is on tomorrow, I decided to make christmas special post and it's going to be christmas video-log. Now I'm asking you if you're interested, what kind of vlog you'd want? Tell me ideas, wishes, anything! I want to know your opinion first! I asked this on my twitter too btw, if you want, go there for more short updates of my life ~ thank you 97 readers here ♡

Sorry, no pics now, I can't load any from my phone > <

4 Comment:

  1. Introduction of your two babies. ♥

  2. kerro videos jotain kuulumisia yms!

  3. A special Christmas-vlog should include your opinion on Christmas! :D

    No matter what I always enjoy listening to you, haha.

  4. yay, vlog! I really like vlog, it doesn't matter what are they about :3 as Yuku said, I enjoy just listening ^^ but since it's Xmas time, you can talk about xmas and presents you will get ;3


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