Pinky christmas with great amount of mulled wine

Hi everybody,
Unfortunately I can't do christmas vlog, I'm sick (got sinositis) and can't even talk clearly, thanks for sore throat and coughing. Seems like that I'll do special vlog anyway as soon as I get better. Right now I just simply can't get myself look nothing, but sick and tired. There has been lots of work and sleepless nights and this sickness is making me really frustrated.

I'll come back as soon as I'm feeling good enough for blogging, sorry and thanks for new readers here. Here, have some pics of my christmas.

P.S: My little brother gave his old PS2 for me as a christmas gift, happy now ♥

I tried this though! Sorry, I don't have any make up at all and I tried this first time so...
Actually the tree is white, but lights are pink. Yes I chose theme colour ♥
I built this for babies ♥
And baked a bit.
And this is kinda my christmas outfit from yesterday + new sweet warm socks I got as a gift ♥
That's it for now, see ya next time and Merry X'mas and kisses ♥

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  1. Get well soon! I hope you had joyful and great Christmas holiday(s) though! :)

  2. You've been tagged by me again...
    Happy New Year! :D


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