Collages of 2012 part 1/2

Hi! I'm so sorry (once again) that I still didn't manage to do that vlog. This week was just so.. hard and I'm not feeling well. Good things were DECADE live dvd I finally got from customs on Thursday and gaming weekend with little sister in Lappeenranta. I'm so tired and lazy I'm writing only in english this time.

I decided to make collages of my year 2012 and post them in two parts. Second one will follow on tomorrow maybe, but well, here we go. ( I made collages pretty quickly, 'cause I really need to go sleep soon, but I hope you like photos. This post also contains collages about Japan and DECADE live just for celebriting DECADE live dvd release and look back to last March.)

In 2012


I changed a lot during this year and I really like my style nowadays.

I really wanted to make this hahah.
By the way! Less than two months to my next Tokyo trip! Post about that coming soon.


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  1. Really cool. I should do something like that too but I have absolutely no time to prepare my posts lately... which results in getting no comments because they are bad... which makes me feel frustrated about it even more. AAAANYWAY!

    I'm happy for you you'll go back to Japan soon.
    I won't this spring. Maybe [I doubt, unfortunately] later 2013...
    I can't wait to hear/read more about that! :D

    1. Hope you'll manage to go Japan as soon as possible! And thanks Yuku ^^

  2. Oli tyyli millainen tahansa, sie olet aina kaunis.

  3. "Had many make up" <- umm? Your make up looks exactly the same in all of those pictures.............

    1. Oi! Sorry for that, it does looks same ikr, I should have fixed that text. Well..


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