Collages of 2012 part 2/2

Good evening or actually almost night! I'm sick (once again) at the moment, but here's part two of posts about 2012. Not much, but bit more something anyway!

In year 2012


Cosplayed --->

And then yea met Screw too and got polaroid with men <3 p="">

Pic without signs is from some magazine and I found pic taken of me too LOL

I also met lots of nice people, got hooked with twitter and tumblr, started playing Lotro, moved back to home from youth house, bought lot's of cd's, dvd's and stuff, worked as journalist, got accepted to TYK, had one relationship, turned sixteen and so much more.

I think my year was pretty nice.

What kind of year you had?

3 Comment:

  1. Really, really cool.
    I love your cats. they are such cuties and I envy you a bit for meeting SCREW. haha

  2. Haha thanks, they're such cuties and naww poor ya ;^;

  3. awwww such the cute cats *-* I love cats, they areadorable :3
    cool cosplay *-* and I envy you photo with Screw *,* I was at the concert too, but I didnt have enough money to vip ://


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