Crying over inspiration

Good morning everyone! This is going to be bit interesting since I'm testing blogger application via my iPhone, but well, let's try!

I've said this almost everywhere already, but yesterday I realized I've been drawing only horrible shit for last several months. I don't know why, but my inspiration was totally gone. There's been lot's of changes in my life since last summer and starting high school, moving back to home after ten years, being not sure about myself and problems with human relations have made me really stressed. Haven't slept very well during whole winter time.

Yesterday I somehow got my long lost inspiration back and started drawing with same passion like year ago and it felt really good. There's pic (in the end of text) of result of work I started during music lesson.

I also started doing my cosplay FINALLY oh god I have five weeks left. I'm also kind of stressed because of sorting out money things. Anyway, I have flights, concert tickets, lodging, plans... Sounds good doesn't it?

From thing to other. On Monday, Garu came for visit and we watched DECADE, she watched it first time and we were just hugging and crying and kept hugging and cried more and sung Cassis together along Ruki, 'cause FEELS ;;u;; And only six weeks left and I see the GazettE again? Life is good.

Yesterday I met Garu again and we webt to look for shoes for me. I found ones and they're perfect, but expensive... I have to ask my social worker. Now photos!

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  1. I happy your inspiration has returned to you.
    It probably was just because of the stress and I hope you'll feel much better regarding this soon! :)

    1. I really hope that too and thanks !

  2. gahh feeels ; ;
    aa i hope i could start doing my cosplay soon too it feels like i'm just in the way as i do it a month later XD

    1. Exactly the feels ; ; and no worries! It will be easier then when my costume is ready already and I can just focus on helping you !


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