MELT @ Saitama super arena & the GazettE official bus tour - report

Long time no see! Even though I told (month ago...) I'd post when I'm in Tokyo, I just simply couldn't do that. I didn't have my laptop with me etc. So now that I'm back in Finland, I shall share MELT and other things with you woohoo. And geez, sorry for all typos and grammar mistakes this text probably contains. Anyway, let's start with (sort of) livereport! Most of photos are taken from my instagram, some from my twitter and friends, 'cause I don't have my phone, more about it later.

(WARNING: I just couldn't get this serious enough so lot's of hyping and stuff like that... And this is REALLY long.)


Sunday morning was pretty sunny and warm. I had arrived on Saturday and slept only five hours before waking up and starting to get myself ready since I had decided to cosplay Aoi's DECADE look and to be honest, I wasn't satisfied. I didn't have necklace this time 'cause apparently I didn't have enough time to make it. Also, the most horrible mistake I didn't even realize until now. I had my hair on wrong side and oh god I feel so ashamed... Next time I'll do better, I promise. Here's couple of photos anyway. 

Quickly taken self capture.

Me with my friends Yuntte and Haru ~~ we took photo before live started (*´▽`)


Bus came to hotel around 10:30am and staff explained schedule once again to us all. During bus drive to Saitama-shintoshin, staff showed us band member's video message for bus tour participants and gave us our FAST PASS-cards. (btw that video message was just way too awesome and Aoi is the cutest dork ever lol )

We arrived at venue around 11:30 and got special presents (blackmoral nailfile and some stuff I have no idea what the hell it is tbh.). After that we were able to go buy official BM goods through that fast pass line and have to say, I'm so glad I had that access. Line was horribly long oh god, reminded me of DECADE. I was first one on line and since I helped some of my friends to get goods too, it was kind of epic. After I got away from line, I was carrying three shop bags full of goods lol. After that I was just hopping around and meeting people, trying to find my friends Yuntte and Ai. I didn't have web connection so it was quite hard, but thanks god I found them both finally ;--; Most of time I was just walking with Anna, Julia, Nina etc (I'm sorry I don't remember name of one person > <). Thanks for helping me with carrying my bags ;---; We met Ashley (and Vaila with her) while she was queuing on goods line and later when we were receiving our tickets and let me just tell how wonderful person she is ok ;---; 

Part of goods area 
I met so many people I lost my count already lol... I just remember how I spotted Sally and we both screamed each other's names aww she's so cute I'm sad I couldn't spend more time with her ;u; I also met Elina, Mitty, Itsumi_hara, Benj, Riri... I'm sorry, I can't remember everyone. > <

Last hours before doors opened, were such a pain in ass since (believe or not) typhoon decided to arrive at Saitama. Oh my holy Aoi, I fell down like five or seven times and it was crazy! People were running and I looked pretty much like some kind of epic batman with all my lace "flying" around lmao. Benj tried to take some photos of me (I'll get them on weekend probably). Here's one, me with Sally  (´・ω・`) 

just look at her and how cute she is 
When we got tickets. I WAS SHOCKED. Row 18!
It was CLOSE .
Ashley and others got row 11 and for moment I was sad since I wasn't able to have fun with them. Or so I thought hahah~

Before trying to find my seat, I met Yuntte and we were just like WAAAAA SAAAMUIII 'cause wind was like really cold even for me. Then we just almost screamed when I showed my ticket ;w; Most of goods I was carrying were for Yuntte and Ai so after meeting Yuntte, running was so much easier lol. At smoking area I met Ai. We talked for short moment since I noticed I have to go and started running like crazy, found my seat and I was like oh there's stage... And it was close. Being that close in the middle of more than 30000 people, was quite confusing, but amazing experience! 

After that I spotted others on 11th row (and noticed there's camera line in front of my seat) and talked with them for moment, got water (thanks ;u; ) and later sandwich from Ash ;u; (I was feeling quite weak.)

And then live started.

[Diplosomia] and [XI] were first and members came to stage, crowd screaming and clapping hands. DERANGEMENT started and partying as well. For people who had been able to attend previous lives on GOD tours, setlist was probably just really familiar, but end of concert was total surprise for everyone. I was really amazed to tell you the truth.

Most of songs were just crazy headbanging. And when I say crazy, I really mean CRAZY. It was quite epic since I was wearing my cosplay and literally smashing people with those lace sleeves... There wasn't really time for watching band and I didn't even need that, going crazy and headbanging is just much more fun and like the best ever. Some things I managed to see though, but I can't really remember, at which point and which song was playing. Except that during REQUIRED MALFUNCTION, Aoi gave flying kiss to audience. He also kissed Ruki on cheek at some point and there were lots of Aoi/Uruha moments as well. Aoi had new guitar he played during encore, guitar was winner of ESP's and Aoi's guitar contest they had sometime ago.

Even though most of songs were really energetic and just headbanging and fast furitsuke, during DRIPPING INSANITY, 余韻, 影踏み and 籠の蛹 we all were just standing and watching, listening to the band and crying. I really cried when 余韻 started playing and Ruki's voice went like straight through my heart and whole body. That song is just so close to my heart. 

After first part of concert, when band disappeared, the stage literally exploded. Fires started blazing and sounds of explodes mixed with audience's excited and shocked screaming. More fire, then two light fixtures started swinging and it looked like they're going to fall down on stage. It was same time amazing, but really scary, I was really shocked and couldn't hear anything for while.

First encore started soon with Ride with the ROCKERS when Reita and Kai came back to stage. Next song was 赤いワンピース. Then PSYCHEDELIC HEROINE started and during first chorus, I crossed camera line to party with friends and staid with them for rest of live. No regrets, it was definitely awesome. Headbanging with Filth in the beauty while holding hands was just really wonderful. And dancing with everyone during LINDA~candy dive pinky heaven~, it's just so much fun. This time they played COCKROACH too!

Last encore contained of course 関東土下座組合 (Kantou) and I had my first Kantou-circle. There were ten or more people in our circle and we were in the middle of center-aisle in front of stage. At some points I got up and headbanged with Ashley before kneeling again and when song ended, I literally fell down on my back and japanese fans behind me, helped me get up.

Then was time for very nostalgic surprise. Ruki shouted out the last song. When BEST FRIENDS started and silver straps exploded to audience, I was totally confused, but so happy and screaming. I have no words. That song is just pure gold and partying with friends, hugging them after it... I got golden memory.

After BEST FRIENDS,  members gathered together, standing at the center of stage. Aoi punched and kicked Reita playfully before Ruki started speaking. It was their 11th anniversary and they all told something they really remember. Uruha was first who got microphone, then Kai and Reita. They all also thanked fans for support. When Aoi started his MC, Reita kicked him (as a revenge maybe? Lol.) Aoi's MC was really long and when audience started applauding he was like "wait wait wait a second!" (it was funny ahaha.)

Then was Ruki's turn again and he said it's time to jump to the sky - while checking his watch (lol best) and then told everyone to grab someone's hand and holding hands we jumped after Ruki's "READY SET GO!". Band left stage after last goodbyes and Kai throwing drumsticks. We were just sitting still before I went to grab my stuff from my seat and after some while got outside. There were huge amount of flowers from other celebrities and companies lined next to wall.

Complete setlist:



Ride with the ROCKERS
Psychedelic Heroin
Filth in the Beauty
LINDA~candy dive pinky heaven~


After I got outside, I tried to find Haru and Yuntte, finally I found Haru who helped me with staff to find bus tour staff. During bus drive back to hotel, we watched another video message where they were talking about their next tour and Ruki was just swinging from side to side, aw so cute. He also said he likes Sapporo (hahah)

At hotel, I just spammed my twitter and instagram with photos and hyping ahaha.

My catch minus towel 
After live 
I'll tell more about my trip on next posts since this ended up being REALLY LONG.
See you !

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  1. Oh my god, this is so awesome!!
    Were really close to the stage ... That's cool!
    Fucking god! I want all Black Moral goods!
    Your cosplay was really good... Surely, you have been admired by everyone in Saitama.
    My English is terrible and I am ashamed to write here, but I must!
    It was great to read this!
    I hope your next posts!

    1. No worries, I understood ♥ Thanks a lot ;w; ♥ I'm glad you like and thanks for comment ♥

  2. asdgjkl wow must've been an amazing experience *u* would've been so cool to be there too!
    aaa i think your cosplay is awesome! >w<
    + thank you again for the bm goods ; ;

    1. Thank you honey and anytime for you ♥

  3. Toi mini boston bag on niin kiva! ;3;

    1. Tykkään itekin siitä kovasti, mut just se multa katos japanis ;____; toivon sydämeni pohjasta et saan sen takas ;----;

    2. Voi ei D: Toivottavasti saat sen takas! ;_; Ja tietty kaiken muun sen mukana hukkuneen.

      Harmi, et toi laukku on menny jo sold outtiin gfc'ssä. Oisin muuten tilannut sen sitä kautta itelleni. ._.

    3. Joo mm. puhelimen, lompakon ja passin yms sieltä laukusta D: ja se meni kyl nopeasti, ne tuli eilen sinne myyntiin, tänää siis sold out :o

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