Back from the hiatus - let's get rollin'

Hello everyone! How're you? It's been a long while since I last time appeared here, right? Let's cut this short - I didn't really plan putting TMS on hiatus, it just happened. Mainly because I couldn't bring myself to write about my Tokyo adventures, but also because I needed some time on my own, away from all social medias to let few things settle down between people and myself.

Now, after approximately nine months since I disappeared from here, I feel more confident, I'm okay with myself. Not to mention how much I've improved in English and writing in general, which also (naturally) encouraged me to make a comeback here.

(c) Sarimelody 
So what did I do when I didn't feel like blogging? Well, you can fit tons of stuff into nine months, but in my case, first months I just wrote. Stories, to be precise and RPG's, loads of them. Honestly speaking, most of the time I lived a life of an actual hermit, watched movies and TV shows, played with cats, wrote, drew, wrote more. Once in a while I managed to go visit my bestie, but that's all really. When the summer was over, I step by step came back in social medias, as well as met people face-to-face. Old friends for that matter, but few new ones as well, mostly around September (at Tracon where I encountered someone special.. and the GazettE's concert in Helsinki.)

Oh and as you can see, I changed the layout. I wasn't happy with starting blogging again when the previous one was still in use, my hair colour has changed, you know. Besides, I think this one doesn't hurt eyes as much as the previous glittery one. What do you think about TMS's new look?

To not make this post super long, I'll just leave here few photos with brief descriptions.

Few outfits
Me and....                                                                             my beloved ♥
My classy Halloween 
And of course - kitties!
I guess that's all for now. I hope to see you soon again fellas! 

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  1. JEEEEE tulit takas! Oon niin tykänny tästä siun blogista ja aina ootellu innolla uusia postauksia :D good to have you back, buddy!

    1. Ihana kuulla, että on kaivattu! Kiitos ♥

  2. Ihana ulkoasu ja kiva taas päästä lukee sun juttuja+ rakastan sun kuvia!

  3. Kiva, että ryhdyit taas bloggailemaan! Jotenkin oon kaipaillut sun postauksias *u* ♥

    1. Ihana kuulla että on kaivattu, lämmittää mieltä ja rohkaisee kummasti tän comebackin kanssa, kiitos ♥︎


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