Yo, nice to meet y'all.  I'm a rather androgynous chick with many opinions and interests, styled with dark colors, rock, glam, glitter and a great bit of anarchy! In addition to that, I'm a hobbyist artist, an articulacy/art student, a philosopher in training, a disparate writer, a part time traveler, a movie hoarder, a caffeine junkie, a music addict, a hopeless romanticist, a night creature and on the top of that all, an owner of two kitty cats. I've cosplayed the GazettE's guitarist Aoi couple of times thus far and will cosplay more in the future.

I enjoy spending time with friends and meeting new people, eating out, going to movies and having long in-depth conversations at a coffee table, but I also value my own space and time alone. Then again, don't we all?

My favourite band is the GazettE and favourite artist Ismo Alanko, but I do listen to many other bands and artists as well. You can check my last.fm for more.

Where else to find me?
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THE MAD SELECT is a blog about my life and styles - containing pretty much everything I feel like writing about. Still though, for the sake of my own privacy, nowadays I tend to think twice before posting anything too personal.

TMS has been running since December 2011, but back then, the name was different (Tiramisu) and even changed once (De la Lygo) until in March 2012 I decided to start everything over, got a new layout, name and themes and so THE MAD SELECT was born. I've never been all that active when it comes to blogging and from March 2013 till December 2013, TMS was on a sudden hiatus (which was never really announced officially anywhere though). From now on however, I'll attempt to post more often, every time I come up with something to blog about and got enough time for such.


In case of questions, messages, anything you prefer or need, please use the social medias listed above or just e-mail me to: madserect@hotmail.com

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